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hype someone or something (up)

to promote, advertise, or boost someone or something, often excessively. No matter how much they hyped it up, it was still a very dull movie. Her agent hyped her up as a great actress.


1. n. publicity; sales propaganda; promotion, especially if blatant and aggressive. There was so much hype before the picture was released that the picture itself was a letdown.
2. tv. to publicize or promote someone or something aggressively; to overpraise someone or something. Let’s hype it until everyone in the country has heard about it.
3. and hipe n. a hypodermic syringe and needle. (Drugs.) She forgot to clean the hype.
4. n. an injection of drugs. (Drugs.) Ernie needed a hype real bad.
5. n. a drug addict who injects drugs. (Drugs.) The hypes have a rough time in prison.
6. mod. really good; excellent. Now this is a truly hype pizza!


See hype
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PolyDVB polyHIPE was obtained by the cross-linking of a HIPE consisting of 75 vol% internal phase and 25 vol% continuous phase.
In order to improve the pore interconnectivity a small molecule, xylene, was utilized as porogen during HIPE preparation.
In order to display the influence of using a flexible cross-linker and the addition of a polysaccharide as a mechanical reinforcement, we prepared different HIPE formulations from GMA/ BDDMA, GMA/DVB, DVB, BDDMA, and GMA/BDDMA/pullulan.
HIPE coding errors had also been identified in this study, and improved training and data entry validation measures were put in place.
HIPE data are collected with the sole purpose of being a source of hospital activity information and, under the Data Protection Act, cannot be used for any other purpose; as such, hospital information cannot be linked with surveillance data (30).
Analysis of the referral source of clinical diagnoses and laboratory results to CIDR, specimen type, and laboratory testing performed would facilitate better understanding of the proportion of difference between HIPE and CIDR because of underreporting.
Since HIPE began in 1971, coding has been carried out by clerical staff.
There is no standard grading structure within HIPE departments in hospitals and career mobility within coding is curtailed by the current system.
I recently carried out a survey of HIPE coders and HIPE/Casemix Coordinators (HCCs) in Ireland, exploring areas including their attitudes to their role, their position in the hospital, their functions and their understanding of the purpose of the data they collect.
We are very excited about our partnership with HiPe PC and the tremendous potential of the emerging car-pc market," said Dean Weber, president and CEO at One Voice Technologies.
Driv-N is the first of several new lines of personal computers by HiPe PC.
This yielded a HIPE with a water-to-oil ratio of about 9 to 1.
10, as expected from the HIPE composition, in spite of the differences in structure (Fig.
During the summers of 1967 and 1968 I gave a HIPE a day to all the (supposedly) gifted kids at Science and Arts Camps, in Port Ewen, NY.
Now, if that's really the case, then people who can't hear well, especially those who customarily communicate in a sign language, might be expected to have an advantage in playing HIPE.