hip to

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*hip to someone or something

Inf. knowing about someone or something; adapting to someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; become ~.) The boss began to get hip to Mary and her deviousness. She finally began to get hip to what was going on.
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Pathlore LMS' administration capabilities allow HIP to track employees' use of training opportunities and efficiently manage their learning initiatives from a central location.
Bundling with EarthLink allows Totally Hip to rapidly build an installed base of small business users, which leads to add-on sales of other products.
The exceptional reviews in MacWeek and PC Computing during the past week have increased the awareness and demand for WebPainter dramatically, enabling Totally Hip to secure new distributors, VARS, resellers and OEM partners," said Randall McCallum, CEO and chairman of Totally Hip Software.
Because OepnDoc makes software development much easier, it allows Totally Hip to add new software features to WebPainter much more quickly, which provides many benefits to end-users.
We are thrilled to be working with companies like Totally Hip to deliver the very latest and best software straight to a waiting marketplace, quickly and efficiently," said Bill Headapohl, executive vice president of CNET Direct, Inc.
Months of tester feedback have allowed Totally Hip to refine WebPainter's feature set specifically for Web animation design," said Rajiv Aggarwal, president and chief technology officer at Totally Hip.
Sizzler's widespread exposure and the demand for streaming multimedia software by end-users, developers and third party companies has created an ideal environment for Totally Hip to promote the licensing of our technologies," said Randall McCallum, Chairman & CEO, Totally Hip.