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hind tit

The worst, least valuable, or discarded part or portion of something; that which is unwanted and has been leftover. The job market is so desperate these days that I've had to take any hind tit work I can find.
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hindsight is (always) 20/20

It is easier to clearly reevaluate past actions or decisions than when they are being made or done; things are clearer or more obvious when they are reflected upon. A reference to the visual acuity of normal eyesight (20/20 vision). I can see now that having my brother as my legal counsel was unwise, but I guess hindsight is always 20/20. A: "I can't believe I was ever interested in such a self-absorbed jerk." B: "Don't blame yourself. Hindsight is 20/20, after all."
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can talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey

Is very (perhaps overly) talkative. Don't start a conversation with Stu if you want to leave on time tonight—that guy can talk the hind leg off a donkey.
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on (one's) hind legs

Standing upright, especially to deliver a speech. Come on then, stand up on your hind legs and say a few words about this company you've helped create! Forgive me if I seem nervous, but I'm not used to standing on my hind legs in front of a large group of people.
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talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey

To talk endlessly and exhaustingly. I love my Aunt Lily, but she'd talk the hind legs off a donkey if you let her!
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*crooked as a barrel of fish hooks

 and *crooked as a fish hook; *crooked as a dog's hind leg
very dishonest. (*Also: as ~.) Don't play cards with him. He's as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks. Mary says all politicians are crooked as a dog's hind leg.
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get up on one's hind legs

Fig. to get angry and assertive. (Alludes to the action of a horse when it is excited or frightened.) She got up on her hind legs and told them all to go to blazes. She has a tendency to get up on her hind legs and tell people off.
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hind end

Rur. the rump of someone or an animal. If you say that again, I'll swat you right across the hind end. The mule slipped and came down right on her hind end.
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the hind end of creation

Rur. a very remote place. I wish I lived in the city. I'm tired of living here in the hind end of creation. Joe moved out to a little shack at the hind end of creation.
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suck someone's hind tit

Sl. to be forced to do someone's bidding no matter how unpleasant or impossible. (Fig. on the idea of the last of a litter of animals to get its mother's milk. Potentially offensive. Use only with discretion.) What am I supposed to dosuck his hind tit? She acts like everybody has to suck her hind tit to keep their jobs.
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talk someone's arm off

Also, talk someone's ear or head or pants off ; talk a blue streak; talk until one is blue in the face; talk the bark off a tree or the hind leg off a donkey or horse . Talk so much as to exhaust the listener, as in Whenever I run into her she talks my arm off, or Louise was so excited that she talked a blue streak, or You can talk the bark off a tree but you still won't convince me. The first four expressions imply that one is so bored by a person's loquacity that one's arm (or ear or head or pants) fall off; they date from the first half of the 1900s (also see pants off). The term like a blue streak alone simply means "very quickly," but in this idiom, first recorded in 1914, it means "continuously." The obvious hyperboles implying talk that takes the bark off a tree, first recorded in 1831, or the hind leg off a horse, from 1808, are heard less often today. Also see under blue in the face.
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talk the hind leg off a donkey

If you say that someone could talk the hind leg off a donkey, you mean that they talk a lot. You won't be short of conversation with Adrian. He could talk the hind leg off a donkey.
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on your hind legs

standing up to make a speech. British informal
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talk the hind leg off a donkey

talk incessantly. British informal
In 1808 talking a horse's hind leg off was described as an ‘old vulgar hyperbole’ in Cobbett's Weekly Political Register , but the version with donkey was current by the mid 19th century. In 1879 Anthony Trollope mentioned talk the hind legs off a dog as an Australian variant.
1970 Nina Bawden The Birds on the Trees Talk, talk—talk the hind leg off a donkey, that one.
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talk the hind leg(s) off a ˈdonkey

(informal, humorous) (usually used with can or could) talk for a long time: He would make a good politician — he could talk the hind legs off a donkey!
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suck someone’s hind tit

and kiss someone’s hind tit
tv. to be obsequious to someone. (Usually objectionable.) What does he want me to do, suck his hind tit or something?
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kiss someone’s hind tit

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