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hightail it out of (somewhere)

Rur. to run or ride a horse away from somewhere fast; to leave in a hurry. (Typically heard in western movies.) Here comes the sheriff. We'd better hightail it out of here. Look at that guy go. He really hightailed it out of town.
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hightail it

Go as fast as possible, especially in leaving; rush off. For example, With the police now searching for them, they hightailed it out of town, or When Jane remembered it was his birthday, she hightailed it to the bakery for a cake. This expression alludes to the raised tail of a rabbit or other animal that is fleeing. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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ˈhightail it

(informal, especially American English) leave somewhere very quickly: As soon as the bell went for the end of lessons, Jack ran out of the school gates and hightailed it for home.
This is a comparison with the way some animals raise their tails when they are running away.
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hightail it

To hurry or flee.
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At Haydock, however, he hightailed it out of the course, with Tanterari under his hat, before a syringe could be raised in anger - behaviour, you might think, that laid him open to accusations of either having something to hide or, perhaps, having lost the plot.
Upon hang up I hightailed it immediately eastward, leaving caution behind with my mom.
While impressed by the devotion, the Troopers hightailed it out of there after learning that there is no chapel on Chapel Hill.
After half an hour, we kissed my engrossed mother goodbye, backed our way carefully out of the place, said a short prayer for her and hightailed it back to Cardiff.
Eventually, Blackburn hightailed it out of McGee Bay as the winds came up and the water began to get choppy.
After directing The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag, he hightailed it out to Bali, only to return again to work as a script doctor.
Ataman said that following a harrowing 1980 military coup, during which he was detained and tortured by police for 38 days (for filming the activities of a left-wing organization), he hightailed it to California, partaking of his first gay experience between flight connections in Amsterdam.
Orlando hightailed it to Oz to assure her nothing happened between them but Kate wasn't happy as they used to date and of course Sienna's in the middle of the trauma of her fiance Jude Law having sex with his kids' nanny.
PISTOL Pete has hightailed it out of town and Lleyton has lost the plot.
He couldn't wait to show them how, with his phone, he could reserve the last seat on the train as he hightailed it to the station in the morning.
MYSTERY surrounds the exact nature of the "exciting project" NICKI CHAPMAN hightailed it out of Popstars for last week.
After one of the lions stretched and ``spoke to him,'' Pryor hightailed it back to the car, exhilarated by the experience and the victory it won for his manhood.
While his brother went on to become a full-fledged cowboy, Hickey hightailed it to New York midway through college to try acting.
It was not long before Sullivan hightailed it back to Ontario.
I hightailed it up to Corals who were happy to take my dough at 10-1.