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Still, the birds maintained their high success rate in relocating their hiding places.
When the birds stashed their seeds in private, they didn't take opportunities to move their treasure to a new hiding place.
Skill in hiding food and remembering where to find it could make a big difference in a harsh climate with unpredictable food supplies, explains Vladimir V.
The project's goal was to determine the relationship between the volume percent of solids in coatings and the hiding of the coatings.
In the latest series of tests, Clayton and her colleagues provided a jay with some waxworms, a desirable treat, and offered two trays for hiding.
FOOD BANK A western scrub jay brings considerable mental prowess to the task of hiding treats in an ice cube tray to foil a thief.
Before the Nazis came and drove Jewish families, like hers, into hiding for days that stretched into years.
What: Docudrama miniseries about the young Jewish girl hiding from Nazis whose diary inspired the world.
The woman and child were still in hiding when the second woman arrived and discovered the body.
The woman who had been hiding in the house told police she had heard a commotion and went to hide.
Hiding a file or directory means the user can't see any part of the file or directory name.
All utility programs will be slightly different, of course, but the basic methods for hiding a file will be the same: Access the utilities program and call up the files in any given directory.
This is another example of MTA staff hiding the ball,'' he said.