hide behind

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hide someone or something behind something

to use something to conceal someone or something. We hid the guests for the surprise party behind a large Oriental screen. I will hide the cake behind the screen too.
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hide behind someone or something

to conceal oneself behind someone or something. The child hid behind his father. Rachel hid behind a tree.
See also: behind, hide
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What they don't appreciate, however, is when officials hide behind their superiors when they have so obviously messed up.
And six per cent say they hide behind technology because they are shy.
There have to be home truths - we can't hide behind things.
A Wall Street Journal editorial thought this was not such a bad thing: "The politicians won't be able to hide behind judges" ("Gay democracy," July 10, 2006).
He told a garda conference in Kilkenny: "Our entire strategy appears to be based not just on detection only but on detections achieved while we hide behind bus stops or hedges.
Whenever mention is made of their lesbian daughter, they rush to hide behind a wall of shame.
All the his decision accomplished was to give large corporations and other big-money interests a new mask to hide behind as they try to influence public policy in California.
This world traveler reminds weary protesters that those with political power cannot continue to hide behind police barricades and tear gas while ignoring the consequences of their decisions.
I suspect that less able performers need microphones as stage props - something to hide behind.
Of the 30 dialogues gathered here, there are only a few that fail to hold one's interest or that hide behind the fog of politically correct views--most are right on the money.
I don't know who deserves to be more vilified: the bottom-feeding leeches who have made ambulance chasing and perverting the law into an art form; their plaintiffs bar brethren, who by doing nothing are silently condoning this behavior; the jurors who deposit their backbone and common sense at the entrance to the jury box; or the judges who hide behind arcane laws while throwing up their hands in despair saying that they are powerless to do otherwise.
Houses of worship have broad constitutional protections, but they cannot hide behind the First Amendment when they engage in blatantly partisan politics," said AU Executive Director Barry W.
Appel is able to achieve the effect of the unforeseen, which convinces us that we are witnessing a spontaneous "demonstration" of the presence of the unconscious, suggesting that dark forces hide behind and pressure the bright colors.
Potting bench and shelves hide behind curtains made of acrylic fabric designed for outdoor use (available at most awning-supply stores for about $15 a yard).
Audiences at "Revenge of the Sith" showings will get the most extensive look yet at Marvel's first family of superheroes, their incredible powers -- and the critical trait that set them apart from other comics-to-film icons: their celebrity is based in part on the fact that they don't hide behind secret identities.