hide behind

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hide someone or something behind something

to use something to conceal someone or something. We hid the guests for the surprise party behind a large Oriental screen. I will hide the cake behind the screen too.
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hide behind someone or something

to conceal oneself behind someone or something. The child hid behind his father. Rachel hid behind a tree.
See also: behind, hide
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I prefer to hide behind my characters," Kalki said while promoting Kalki's Great Escape , about her and her father Joel Koechlin's bike journey through northeast India.
And six per cent say they hide behind technology because they are shy.
There have to be home truths - we can't hide behind things.
Harris, a Wunderkind who wrote ``X2: X-Men United'' as well as the upcoming remake of ``Logan's Run,'' is interested in the things people hide behind closed doors, and with the Travises, he has created a mother lode of mysteries.
The first clear picture of the immediate surroundings of a supermassive black hole is confirming that these gravitational monsters hide behind thick belts of dust.
This world traveler reminds weary protesters that those with political power cannot continue to hide behind police barricades and tear gas while ignoring the consequences of their decisions.
I suspect that less able performers need microphones as stage props - something to hide behind.
Houses of worship have broad constitutional protections, but they cannot hide behind the First Amendment when they engage in blatantly partisan politics," said AU Executive Director Barry W.
Potting bench and shelves hide behind curtains made of acrylic fabric designed for outdoor use (available at most awning-supply stores for about $15 a yard).
Audiences at "Revenge of the Sith" showings will get the most extensive look yet at Marvel's first family of superheroes, their incredible powers -- and the critical trait that set them apart from other comics-to-film icons: their celebrity is based in part on the fact that they don't hide behind secret identities.
But at least Neil Swarbrick appeared not to hide behind the usual excuses after sending off the wrong player at Manchester City yesterday.
So what if kids were so frightened they had to hide behind the sofa?
All the his decision accomplished was to give large corporations and other big-money interests a new mask to hide behind as they try to influence public policy in California.
Heck, they can hide behind trees, hedges, hills and mountains if they wish -- and they sometimes do with their helicopter.
Twomey hinted at a remedy for the weakening of moral authority when he discussed the tendency of individual bishops to hide behind the anonymity of their episcopal conferences.