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Hicky always alludes to these journalist opponents of his, as 'Barnaby Grizzle' and 'Peter Nimmuck'.
Clive said Hicky Gets His Wings was part of his stories about Quarry Grove, which follow the lives of a group of insects making up their own small make-believe community.
Liam Kershaw (physio), Anthony Hicky, Dave Rowe (manager), Michael Owens(Capt), Aston Foat, Lee Trundell.
I know from my own experience not so long ago that you can't hide from the fact that you get older but, if you're still playing well, as Hicky is, then there's nothing to worry about.
A lot of pundits have written off Hicky as an international player, but when you see him in this sort of nick it's hard to believe that.
A well-wisher in the lobby of the team's mountain-top retreat told him: "Big day tomorrow, Hicky - you're going to make the winning hit.
Emma is sponsored by Steve Hicky Plastering, Vimac Leisure and DFDS Seaways, as well as by her grandfather and grandmother.
But we still thought we'd posted a competitive total and Hicky did very well at the top of the order again.
Both goalkeepers, Eddie Hicky for Limerick and Longford's Stephen O'Brien made superb saves and Limerick had to wait until four minutes into injury time to clinch victory.
I hope I can learn off Hicky now - we've already had a few chats about batting.
Originally from Tunbridge Wells in Kent, Hicky lives in the Philippines and travels around Europe selling T-shirts.
I've known Hicky since he was eight-years-old and all he ever wanted to do was smash balls to the boundary, he's still doing that now with a smile on his face
Glance down at the bat next time old Hicky is taking boundaries off some county nobody - or better still cast your mind back to 1991, when he could barely lay that bat on anything Curtly Ambrose sent down at him.
Running out to field with Hicky (Graeme Hick) with an international shirt on was very special - it was something that the pair of us had talked about for hours in the slips.