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All the SNP Minister has to do is craft his budget tax plans around whichever Labour leader emerges and, hey presto, he locks Labour into his majority on the one vote at Holyrood that counts.
I think some people think the council is like a sweet shop - we can just point to what we want and, hey presto, it's given - if only
And hey presto, three hours later, you have a whacking tub of creamy homemade gelato and happy people licking their lips.
Then get a box on some wheels on Stratford Road and, hey presto, you're a budding Richard Branson.
Go back to the traditional way and hey presto, bacon's good.
After the war Kimberley Clark bought back all the military surplus, turned them into shaped pads and hey presto - half the world's population have a nicer time.
Using the power of Bluetooth, simply synchronise with your phone, tablet, or computer and hey presto, you're an instant DJ.
Hey presto, we returned from holiday recently to be confronted by a plethora of colour, wild owers all the way up the highway, what a fantastic display
If you are tired, all you need to do is unfold the invention and, hey presto, you have got somewhere to rest your head.
He flicked a switch and, hey presto, the curtains shut.
So some quarter- witted, muscle-bound progeny of a sheep- shearer finally finds the button to flip open his laptop, sits down at a desk like that old monkey writing Shakespeare, runs his bile through a spell-check and hey presto, global infamy as a columnist.
Once this is known to the EU they would simply block it, the 'remoaners' would then have an excuse (as they see it) to vote against the deal, and hey presto, we're still in the EU.
Little Mix singer Perrie apparently swapped numbers with Towie's Joey Essex (I know, some girls never learn) and hey presto suddenly her ex is telling her he misses her and still loves her.
com/and hey presto, it'll tell you what cocktail you can make.
The NHS in England is in dire straits and Osborne has - hey presto - found PS2bn to prop up the service.