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hew down

To cut something down, typically a tree. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hew" and "down." If we're going to build houses here, then we need to hew down a lot of these trees.
See also: down, hew

hew (something) out of (something)

To carve or cut a particular shape or object out of a piece of wood. Yeah, I hewed this bottle opener out of a piece of wood I had lying around the shop.
See also: hew, of, out

hew out

To carve or cut a particular shape or object out of a piece of wood. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hew" and "out." I'm going to hew out a bottle opener—what are you making?
See also: hew, out

hew to (something)

To adhere to a particular idea or rule. The teacher will deduct points if you don't hew to the guidelines for the project.
See also: hew

hew something down

to fell something wooden, usually a tree. We will have to hew most of this forest down. They hewed down the tree.
See also: down, hew

hew something out of something

 and hew something out
to carve the shape of something out of something wooden. Dan hewed each of the posts out of a tree trunk. He hewed out a number of posts.
See also: hew, of, out

hew to something

to conform to a rule or principle. I wish you would hew to the rules a little better. Sarah refuses to hew to the company policies.
See also: hew

hew to

To conform to some law, set of beliefs, or course of action: I hope our children will hew to the traditions of our ancestors.
See also: hew
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The Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) will now concentrate on the remaining three portions of the HEWS program.
Under the HEWS project, some 400 helicopters will be integrated with infrared suppression systems and infrared countermeasures, while 340 of them will receive radar warning receivers and only 230 a radio-frequency jam mer.
The text of the RFP can be obtained from the SSM HEWS Project Office.
WiLL products at this launch was another success for Wi-LAN," said Bill Hews, Wi-LAN president and chief operating officer.
As JED understands the move, the self-protection requirement for the attack-helo program has been cut and the HEWS system will be fitted to the chosen aircraft, instead of procuring a separate EW suite for the attack helicopters.
While a request for proposals (REP) for the HEWS program had been anticipated in the next month or two, an REP for the common EW suite is not expected until July.
The SSM has issued requests for information for the provision of laser and radar warning receivers, as well as jamming systems, as part of the Helicopter Electronic Warfare Suite (HEWS) program (for background on the HEWS program, see "Home Grown: Local EW in the Middle East," JED, March 1999, p.
Accompanied with a few illustrations on how to hew and a couple of axes, neither of which was a broadax, we attempted to create timbers.