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he who hesitates (is lost)

Those who fail to take quick, decisive action will suffer for it or miss a good opportunity. A: "If only I'd invested in that company when they started up, I'd be a millionaire by now!" B: "Well, he who hesitates is lost." A: "You could have mitigated your losses if you'd dealt with the problem right away, but—" B: "Yeah, yeah, he who hesitates. I know."
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He who hesitates is lost.

Prov. People should act decisively. Jill: Should I apply for that job? At first I thought I definitely should, but now I don't know.... Jane: She who hesitates is lost. Call that girl and ask her out. Call her right now. He who hesitates is lost.
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hesitate over something

to pause before acting on something; to suspend action about someone or something. We are hesitating over the final decision because we have some doubts about the competitors. Do not hesitate too long over this matter.
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If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask.

a polite phrase offering help in finding something or by providing something. (Often said by a host or by someone helping someone settle into something. See also If you don't see what you want, please ask (for it).) Mary: This looks very nice. I'll be quite comfortable here. Jane: If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to ask. "If there is anything you need, don't hesitate to ask," said the room clerk.
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he who hesitates is lost

One who cannot come to a decision will suffer for it, as in I couldn't make up my mind, and now the offer has expired-he who hesitates is lost. Although the idea is undoubtedly older, the present wording is a misquotation or an adaptation from Joseph Addison's play Cato (1712): "The woman that deliberates is lost."
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he who ˈhesitates (is ˈlost)

(saying) if you delay in doing something you may lose a good opportunity: You should have applied for that job. I’m sure you would have got it. Remember, he who hesitates...
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So when a tall, light-haired young man and a little talkative lady came by, he rose half hesitatingly and followed them.
Then, after gentle encouragement from his mother, Leon hesitatingly gets up alone.
The participants also hesitatingly placed value on information provided by blogs.
There was, however, a noise at the key point and this swayed the third umpire Rod Tucker, which angered Proteas captain Graeme Smith, and even Kallis walked off the pitch hesitatingly.
And then one Sunday night I tuned into an FM station from Philadelphia that was hesitatingly audible on the giant Magnavox radio in our living room.
211) 1 hesitatingly followed Muller-Kessler and Kwasman's interpretation and translated thus 'your trays (?
It resulted that, although the rays of Renaissance and the humanitarian Enlightenment had hesitatingly flared also in the Far East of Europe, the new ideas had taken shape also at the courts of some cultivated princes of the Romanian Countries, as Nicholas Mavrocordat (1709-1730), Prince of Moldavia and Wallachia.
One video juxtaposes a prim and proper Rice in jonquil yellow Jackie O suit, nodding hesitatingly while (apparently) listening to a nearby concert given by dancehall rapper Shaggy.
uk She dominates heart-breakingly tender scenes as she hesitatingly confesses her troubles to a nurse - "Things are happening that.
In the second chapter of Otherwise than Being, Levinas imagines a kind of primeval landscape where consciousness is understood as emerging within the subject's encounter with otherness: the apparently solitary mind surveys what is external to it, and instead of perceiving it as an essence, asks questions of it, hesitatingly using the interrogatives, "who?
The oaks reluctantly let their leaves fall And hesitatingly allow their branches to be bare; And the bear spends all winter in separation.
The LaFontaine-Baldwin program was slowly, hesitatingly assembled early in the 1840s, as anglophone and francophone reformers debated whether they could work together for mutual benefit.
We will never forget those who tried to push the country to the brink of the abyss, sat on the fence or voiced their stances hesitatingly," he vowed.
44) Griffiths, for example, hesitatingly concurs that the second section "touches on" the Easter sequence, but indicates that if it is indeed present, it is "so altered that the model is barely recognizable.
Unfortunately this matter is dealt with tentatively, hesitatingly and negligently while it can be used as a powerful tool to recognize the weak and strong points of the personnel and the planning of measures to remove them.