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culture hero

A person, either real or mythical, who embodies or is seen as the foundation of the cultural values or achievements of a society, group of people, or period of time. Karl Marx became both a villain to those opposed to Communist ideology and a culture hero for those who embraced the ideals of Socialism. Mythical figures such as Cúchulainn and historical figures like Brian Boru have long been held as culture heroes in Ireland.
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go from zero to hero

To change an outcome, one's situation, or oneself from being particularly unsuccessful, negative, unfortunate, or unpopular to being especially successful, positive, fortunate, or popular. After his parents won the lottery, John went from zero to hero in his high school overnight. With computer programming becoming an increasingly in-demand skill, many who might have been picked on in high school are now going from zeros to heroes.
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hero (sandwich)

A sandwich served on a long roll of bread, typically six inches to several feet in length, filled with a variety of ingredients including meat, cheese, and vegetables. Primarily heard in US. This restaurant across the road from our office makes the best hero sandwich in the city. I've gotten to where I go there two or three times a week for lunch. I'm ordering a few four-foot heroes for the party this weekend, so if you have any food allergies, let me know before tomorrow.
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every inch a/the (something)

Fully and completely something; something in every detail. The designer will understand if you want to make more changes—he is every inch a professional. Wow, your costume is great! You look every inch the old Hollywood starlet.
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unsung hero

Fig. a hero who has gotten no praise or recognition. The time has come to recognize all the unsung heroes of the battle for low-cost housing.
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every ˌinch a/the ˈleader, ˈstar, ˈhero, etc.

a leader, star, hero, etc. in every way; completely a leader, star, hero, etc: She is every inch a movie star.That horse looks every inch a winner.He looked every inch the romantic hero.
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hero (of the underworld)

n. heroin. Don says he knows the hero of the underworld well.
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1. and sub and hoagy and torpedo and grinder and poor boy and hero n. a long sandwich containing many different foods. (Sometimes many feet long. It is cut into smaller segments for serving a group. Usually contains sliced meats and cheese, as well as tomatoes and onions. Terms vary depending on where you are in the country.) He ordered a submarine, but he couldn’t finish it.
2. n. a large marijuana cigarette. Look at the size of that sub!
3. n. [menstrual] tampon. My God! I’m out of submarines!


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106 Heroes Served: Dave Mettler Team Real Estate, affiliate real estate specialists - Sioux Falls, SD
Two of the recommended 'heroes,' however, have received their own national holidays separate from the pending official proclamation, implying their status as national heroes.
If the making of architectural heroes is relatively easy, providing criteria that would explain and demystify why some architectural works are heroic and others not, is much less so.
As a result, some still choose weapons but ones that are very different from the swords and guns of male heroes.
He complained bitterly about the heroes of the playwright Racine, who were "given over to gallantry, softness, love, to everything which can effeminate man and mitigate his taste for his real duties.
The first 1,000 members to join the Six Heroes Wine Club will be designated Charter Members and receive a Six Heroes logo tan camo ball cap.
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Issue 8: "To Protect and Serve" delivers a host of new features starting out with a wide-variety of veteran rewards for players who have had a City of Heroes or City of Villains([R]) account for three months or more.
Local hero, Dawnna Salisbury, recently worked with Crane and Homes for Heroes to buy her home and said, "Kris and her team will go to bat for you.
The fate of the world is at stake and heroes from a variety of legendary factions must stand up and defend their causes.
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They've been writing letters to the editor and calling to complain that it looks like the standards are falling on yet another long cherished commodity in this country: heroes.