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Tom Robbins down here has this little duty to go fix this, and he's got about a week left to go fix it.
And here's what you guys have to do to work here in the Armament Center.
The PIP NVC footage was captured during the game using Be Here technology and allows the viewer to Pan, Tilt and Zoom at will via remote control.
Be Here Corporation is the leading global provider of software, products and services used to create and deliver navigable visual content across multiple industries and applications.
com launches a relationship and mutual commitment to merge Internet and broadcast media content with cutting-edge, interactive Webcasts," said Andrew Thau, CEO of Be Here Corporation.
Be Here Corporation is the only provider of 360-degree live streaming Internet video technology used worldwide by sports, entertainment and event Webcasters.
By making its technology available via the component download feature, Be Here makes it easier for millions of QuickTime users worldwide to take advantage of the iVideo technology to view innovative 360-degree Internet video.
By using these innovative platform providers, Be Here is fundamentally changing the way in which content is being delivered as news, sports, and entertainment partners look to Be Here as a new way to broadcast content.
This is a momentous event for Be Here as it marks the world's first 360-degree interactive film contest," said Ted Driscoll, Founder and CEO of Be Here.
Be Here offers news organizations a new and powerful tool to increase stickiness on their Web sites, while bringing their audiences a creative and unique view of high profile events such as the Democratic National Convention.
Be Here brings the Democratic Convention to Viewers' Homes
By supporting all major desktop platforms with its technology, Be Here is driving the future of Webcasting forward.
We are happy to be working with Be Here to help make robust streaming media over the Internet a reality.