herd together

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herd someone or something together

to bunch people or animals together. Let's herd all the kids together and take them in the house for ice cream and cake. I herded all the puppies together and put them in a box while I cleaned their play area.
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We strive to bring the passion of the herd together to enjoy great tasting Miller Lite while watching Chivas play," said Alberto Senior, Miller Lite Hispanic marketing manager.
Others include: * "When cows herd together, it's going to rain" fits with some scientific thinking in that cows react to rising temperatures before rain - which causes them to huddle; * "If there's a ring around the moon, rain will be coming soon" - the ring is made up of millions of ice crystals and the light from the moon is passing through an atmosphere filled with moisture; * "Rain before seven, clear by eleven" - sometimes true due to the passage of a cold front where a storm has built up, and thunderstorms don't usually last longer than two hours, and * "When spiders build new webs, the weather will be clear" - spider webs are extremely sensitive to moisture.
she can do that, as opposed to the farmer bringing the whole herd together and working them through the parlor in one big group.
They learned how to keep a herd together in a bunching that took about a quarter of a football field.
Council leader Warren Bradley said: "We'll keep the Eight for 08 herd together and move them around the city so everybody in every community gets the opportunity to have them there and celebrate and enjoy them.
True or False: Bighorn rams and ewes herd together year-round.
The girls continually chase after straying animals to keep the herd together.