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and erb
n. marijuana. (Drugs.) Carl has found a way to synthesize the erb.

Herb and Al

n. marijuana and alcohol. I’m afraid that Tom’s best friends are Herb and Al.
See also: Al, and, herb

talk to Herb and Al

in. to use marijuana and drink alcohol. (see also herb. Al is alcohol.) I’ve been out talking to Herb and Al—that’s where I’ve been. Let’s go talk to Herb and Al while we’re waiting.
See also: Al, and, herb, talk
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Now, Herby is back in his favourite spot outside the Herb Garden at Arch 8, Westgate Road - patched up in bandages.
The full range includes Peppery Rub, Tandoori Rub, Harissa Rub, Barbecue Rub, Ras El Hanout Rub, Italian Rub and Herby Fish Rub - all guaranteed to liven up any dish.
This was like a mini-version of an adult por-r tion with a nice fat, herby sausage, peas, creamy mash and lots of lovely home-made gravy.
You can celebrate St Patrick's Day next week by making this delicious Irish beef and stout casserole, complete with yummy herby dumplings
Byline: Herby, chief of the arms unit at Red Cross, says no one uses cluster munitions now the way they would a few years ago
Yes, that's the same Herby Branscum, lawyer by trade, and Robert Hill, former IRS agent and CPA, who were swept into the Whitewater investigation more than 11 years ago.
If all your herbs seem ready at once, chop them finely and freeze them in small packets to use as a herby seasoning.
Launched in August were Love Becomes Herby Donna Hill; Someone to Love by Karen White-Owens, An Innocent Man by Deirdre Savoy, and A Lover's Pretense by Altonya Washington.
However, for Herby Raynaud, destiny has been reality.
Heady with herby scents, Pulkkis fluttering coruscations progress surely through interludes of string melodiousness and woodwind jauntiness into a deeper battlefield landscape; nature can be a warlike environment, with pre-recorded sounds casting an extra spell of ambiguity.
The jury deadlocked on seven other counts of conspiracy and misapplication of bank money in the trial against Herby Branscum Jr.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Herby Locke, 55, has joined Farr Co.
Box Lunch with choice of the following sandwiches: Herby Turkey, Supreme Club, Ham and Swiss, Leonardo da Veggie, Chicken Salad, Radishy Roast Beef, Tuna Salad, Garden Veggie
In echoes of derby day in 2013 when Toon fan Barry Rogerson punched a police horse in the face, Herby - a fibreglass mascot of the Herb Garden restaurant - was badly damaged in an attack on Sunday.
On Sunday, Herby the fibreglass horse was damaged in the unprovoked attack outside the Herb Garden restaurant close to Newcastle's High Level Bridge.