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and erb
n. marijuana. (Drugs.) Carl has found a way to synthesize the erb.

Herb and Al

n. marijuana and alcohol. I’m afraid that Tom’s best friends are Herb and Al.
See also: Al, and, herb

talk to Herb and Al

in. to use marijuana and drink alcohol. (see also herb. Al is alcohol.) I’ve been out talking to Herb and Al—that’s where I’ve been. Let’s go talk to Herb and Al while we’re waiting.
See also: Al, and, herb, talk
References in classic literature ?
Never yet was any man able to stand so much as a taste of the herb I gave you; you must be spell-proof; surely you can be none other than the bold hero Ulysses, who Mercury always said would come here some day with his ship while on his way home from Troy; so be it then; sheathe your sword and let us go to bed, that we may make friends and learn to trust each other.
Corydalis yanhusuo is a Chinese medicinal herb with documented uses in TCM references for activating blood and moving qi.
From the rarest of medicinal herbs from Nepal to the choicest of dry fruits from Afghanistan, you name it and you will find it all here at the 173-year-old Munnalal Dawasaz in the Afzal Gunj area of the Old City.
Either way, each wheel segment should have a different herb, but remember to label each section.
In contrast, Lacuesta chose to write about one herb, tanglad (lemongrass), a flavoring and aromatic ingredient that her mother taught her to use for tinolang manok (stewed chicken): It is the 'aroma we look for, what adds another level to our appreciation and anticipation of a meal.
You then fill ice cube trays (silicone muffin cups also work) about halfway with the herb paste and freeze.
Medicinal herb seeds, in particular, are very popular among home remedy enthusiasts," a top herbal expert explained the trend.
Available in a Lemon Zest flavor, Revitalizing Herb Drops contain a powder-filled center with B vitamins to provide consumers with a natural boost when they have a cough or cold.
A small collection can be planted in a cartwheel pattern, or even in a planter with separate pockets, each planted with a different herb.
gl/a7LtK) to tell us their favorite ways to incorporate herbs into foods to add an extra depth of flavor.
They are suited to tubs, window boxes and herb pots with planting pockets for different herbs in one container.
With its new range of fresh herbs preparations, Frutarom enters a new dimension in the creation of authentic and natural products.
Schafer, affiliated with the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm in Petaluma, California, co-founded the first US company to offer organic, domestically grown Chinese medicinal herbs.
Then I had my cost to set up my herb business on top of that.
Easy-care window box herbs MOST herbs will thrive in containers that are at least 15cm (6in) deep, apart from those which have long roots, such as fennel and bay.