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*hepped (up)

Sl. to be intoxicated. (*Typically: be ~ get ∼.) Wally is a little too hepped up to drive home. Harry's too hepped to stand up.
See also: hep


mod. aware; informed; savvy. The chick is simply not hep.

hepped (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. Willy is a little too hepped up to drive home.
See also: hep, up


See also: hep
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Partnering with The SF Hep B Free and creating an influential campaign such as 'B a Hero' campaign gives the public, especially Asian Americans, the option for a healthy and hep B free life.
Angela Pang Hep B Free (415) 373-4002 angela@sfhepbfree.
The HEP system would seem to have some of the same incentives as the DRG system to dismiss patients too early.
Wang Community Health Center and Hep Free NYC are partnering to host a candlelight vigil Sunday, July 19 at Washington Square Park (Garibaldi Plaza, near the fountain).
INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: Hep C Connection executive director and hepatitis expert Nancy Steinfurth is available for on-camera, in-studio or telephone interviews.
New figures show that 386 people contracted Hep B last year - more than double the 1995 figure when there were just 152 sufferers.
In the Check Hep C program population, the estimated prevalence of HCV infection was 14 percent, and 9 percent among persons born after 1965 and 14 percent among baby boomers.
Although the incidence of acute Hep B is decreasing with the current vaccination program, people who already have this infection are at risk of developing chronic HBV infection with increasing age.
Patient Support: Accredo's Hepatitis Therapeutic Resource Center offers a team of clinically specialized clinicians who ensure that hep C patients receive the support needed to successfully complete therapy.
MobileMD's management team brings decades of first-hand experience and technical expertise to the healthcare provider marketplace," said Dave Tamburri, Partner, HEP.
The two studies from Prime, in conjunction with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, evaluated RA and Hep C cost of care trends.
Nonprofit data management firm HEP Development has announced that, through December 31, 2009, all clients of nonprofit online software company Convio, Inc.
According to senior managing partner Chris Jones, HEP IV is targeting conventional midstream opportunities and is seeking to invest in experienced midstream management teams with proven track records of success in entrepreneurial environments.
Contract award: an audit of the consolidated financial statements for hep group, the audit of the financial statements of hep dd and its subsidiaries for the financial year 2015, 2016 and 2017.
today announced that it has signed a partner agreement with HEP Development Services to help higher education institutions boost monetary donations by coupling individual donors with affiliated corporations that will match or increase their contribution.