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helping hand

Assistance with a task, or a person who provides such assistance. I could really use a helping hand carrying all of these boxes downstairs. You've been such a helping hand with this dinner, I couldn't have done it without you!
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*a helping hand

Fig. help; physical help, especially with the hands. (*Typically: get ~; need ~; give someone ~; offer ~; offer someone ~.) When you feel like you need a helping hand making dinner, just let me know.
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lend a hand

(to someone) Go to lend (someone) a hand.
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lend (someone) a hand

 and lend a hand (to someone)
Fig. to give someone some help, not necessarily with the hands. Could you lend me a hand with this piano? I need to move it across the room. Could you lend a hand with this math assignment? I'd be happy to lend a hand.
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lend a (helping) hand

also lend somebody a hand
to help do something Jay expected his children to lend a hand where they were needed.
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lend (somebody) a hand

to help someone do something, especially something that involves physical effort Could you lend me a hand with these books? He's always willing to lend a hand in the kitchen.
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helping hand

see under lend a hand.
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lend a hand

Also, lend a helping hand. Be of assistance, as in Can you lend them a hand with putting up the flag, or Peter is always willing to lend a helping hand around the house. [Late 1500s]
See also: hand, lend

lend a hand

To be of assistance.
See also: hand, lend
References in classic literature ?
Then Minerva vaunted over her saying, "May all who help the Trojans against the Argives prove just as redoubtable and stalwart as Venus did when she came across me while she was helping Mars.
The princess, picking up her dress, was taking her seat in the dark carriage, her husband was adjusting his saber; Prince Hippolyte, under pretense of helping, was in everyone's way.
But in revenge I followed Eliza into the dimly-lighted passage, where, under pretence of helping her on with her shawl, I fear I must plead guilty to snatching a kiss behind her father's back, while he was enveloping his throat and chin in the folds of a mighty comforter.
My dear Louisa, then consent to receive the submissive representation of your devoted friend, who knows something of several varieties of his excellent fellow-creatures - for excellent they are, I am quite ready to believe, in spite of such little foibles as always helping themselves to what they can get hold of.
Divided into monthly chapters, each of which is orchestrated around ingredients that are in season during that time, Second Helpings is more than a recipe book; it is also an invitation to share the joys and stories of Flynn's kitchen.
OTC:SSII) today announced that the company will participate in an exclusive cross-promotion with Fran's Healthy Helpings frozen foods.
In August 2000, Fran's Healthy Helpings will offer two free Berenstain Bears(R) CD-ROMs from Sound Source's popular "Life's Little Lessons(TM)" series when two proofs of purchase from Fran's Healthy Helpings products are provided.
Philip Morris became one of the first major corporations to join the fight against AIDS in 1986 and developed the Positive Helpings program in 1996.
In Seattle, Positive Helpings funds, matched with local private dollars, will benefit some 350 additional clients and provide an estimated 7,800 meals and 3,200 bags of groceries, according to Malarkey.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 24, 1997--A "team of moms" with experience in all aspects of the food business today announced the launch of Fran's Healthy Helpings.
Fran's Healthy Helpings sprang from the need I had as a busy working mom -- food that combined nutrition with convenience and good taste, too.
This innovative program is funded by Philip Morris' Senior Helpings campaign, in partnership with the National Meals on Wheels Foundation.
Its national Helping the Helpers initiative supports a wide range of organizations that combat hunger, address the food security needs of seniors, people living with AIDS and Native Americans, and help people become more self-sufficient by providing services such as housing assistance, job training, and counseling.
READING, PA -- Seniors Helping Seniors([R]) in-home services demonstrate that with a powerful mission and strong values anything is possible.
Kaiser Permanente has unveiled a festive "Get More Energy" poster aimed at helping children learn to eat healthy and increase activity, to avoid the problems associated with being overweight.