helping hand

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helping hand

Assistance with a task, or a person who provides such assistance. I could really use a helping hand carrying all of these boxes downstairs. You've been such a helping hand with this dinner, I couldn't have done it without you!
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*a helping hand

Fig. help; physical help, especially with the hands. (*Typically: get ~; need ~; give someone ~; offer ~; offer someone ~.) When you feel like you need a helping hand making dinner, just let me know.
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helping hand

see under lend a hand.
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a ˌhelping ˈhand

help: The new charity tries to offer a helping hand to young people who have become addicted to drugs.A helping hand would be very welcome at the moment.
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Speaking on the occasion, the City District Nazim, Mohammad Asim Khan thanked the Helping Hand for the provision of such hefty amount for provision of equipment to health centers of the district and termed it symbol of confidence on the district government.
While previous houses went to a variety of childrens functions, COD Community Relations Specialist Joan DiPiero helped us to become involved with Helping Hand Center," Wagner said.
Richard Wood helps the charity move into its new home at Stoneleigh Park with, from left, Bertie, Sean, Callum and Milo from Helping Hands Community Project
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contributes a great deal to the community through the successful Helping Hands initiative.
Staff from the Liverpool office of accountancy firm BDO give a helping hand at Cavendish High Academy | |
Whether the project benefits young people, families or the elderly, Wilko is appealing to anyone who is passionate about their local community to get involved and apply for a donation from the store's Helping Hands budget.
I'm lending a helping hand to other mums by supporting Tommy's.
The Auxiliary has been there for countless families lending a helping hand by doing everyday chores that can be overwhelming, giving extra support to the children and just listening.
Helping Hands will work towards the betterment and development of underprivileged children; Uninor has partnered with two children homes - Save a Child and Hope Home of the Carpe Diem Foundation as a part of this initiative.
The FleetMilne team helped to renovate the garden of Zak Macefield from Dudley as part of the WellChild Charity's Helping Hand Project.
Presently Helping Hand volunteers are distributing jackets and warm blankets to labourers working outside in the cold weather.
THE Big Lottery Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund are at the National Eisteddfod asking people how they would give their community a helping hand if they had millions of lottery cash to spend.
Helping Hand Children's Center LLC, led by Johnny and Julia Washburn, landed the 5-year loan from the Bank of England.
But the Sri Lanka-bound doctors are not alone among local residents who are lending a helping hand.
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