helping hand

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helping hand

Assistance with a task, or a person who provides such assistance. I could really use a helping hand carrying all of these boxes downstairs. You've been such a helping hand with this dinner, I couldn't have done it without you!
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*a helping hand

Fig. help; physical help, especially with the hands. (*Typically: get ~; need ~; give someone ~; offer ~; offer someone ~.) When you feel like you need a helping hand making dinner, just let me know.
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helping hand

see under lend a hand.
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a ˌhelping ˈhand

help: The new charity tries to offer a helping hand to young people who have become addicted to drugs.A helping hand would be very welcome at the moment.
See also: hand, helping
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Clr Burke said: "It was really good of the church members to volunteer to help clear the path as part of their Helping Hands day.
The drive marked one of several initiatives spearheaded by the firm's philanthropic arm, Halstead Helping Hands in 2014.
The Minister was speaking as he officially opened Helping Hand s Autism Support Group s new premises in east Belfast this morning.
TEAM members at the Wilko store on Colchester Avenue, Cardiff, are offering a helping hand to community groups and charities in the area who need extra support in 2014.
Giving advice and lending a helping hand to a fellow mum is one of those things that you don't have to think twice about.
STAFF at the Wilkinson store on Redcar high street are offering community groups and charities a helping hand.
Aqua) is reminding customers that its Helping Hand assistance program is available to low-income families who find it difficult to pay their water bills.
BH Maintenance is one of three companies taking part in the LHT Helping Hand project which offers a 'handyperson' gardening, decorating and window cleaning service to its thousands of tenants.
Islamabad -- Two days training workshop on disaster risk reduction and emergency response organized by Helping Hand for Relief and Development would be held on 2, 3 July in Islamabad.
Being a member of the DAVA gives us the opportunity to lend a helping hand.
ISLAMABAD, April 02, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The residents of sector G-12/4 have demanded of CDA to install vaccinator in Helping hand clinic in the sector.
Presently Helping Hand volunteers are distributing jackets and warm blankets to labourers working outside in the cold weather.
THE Big Lottery Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund are at the National Eisteddfod asking people how they would give their community a helping hand if they had millions of lottery cash to spend.
Helping Hand Children's Center LLC, led by Johnny and Julia Washburn, landed the 5-year loan from the Bank of England.
That's why Cancer Care has released a new fourth edition of ``A Helping Hand Resource Guide,'' a free, comprehensive reference detailing cancer-related assistance at the national and regional levels.
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