help down

help someone down (from something)

to help someone climb down from something. Sharon helped the boy down from the horse. Elaine helped the children down.
See also: down, help
References in classic literature ?
I shall be surprised if we don't get some help down there.
We are grateful to the many friends and also medical experts who sought to help down the years but ultimately this was an illness Charles could not conquer despite all the efforts he and others made.
The park director said helicopters can't land due to bad weather and the high altitude, but park rangers and mountain guides are trying to help down the climbers.
But he turned on the style to help down Reading in the FA Cup on Monday night, with a goal and an assist earning United a 2-1 win and a quarter-final showdown with either Chelsea or Middlesbrough.
We never turn any help down," said Vicky, who deals with learning disabilities at the Butterwick Children's Hospice in Stockton.
GEOFF Cook has saluted the impact of Johann Myburgh - and backed him to help down Derbyshire Falcons tonight.
This would also help down the occupant elements who were occupying the sports organizations for their vested gains.
Littleton junior Alvin Muhwezi (10 points, 12 rebounds) made Gomes work for every shot, often getting help down low, but it came at a price.
Along the way we also hope to help customers build their internal team of talent which will drive innovation and the need for consulting help down the road.
That never guarantees success, but the confidence I took away from this tournament will help down the stretch.
Mr Manning's aunt, Sharon Staples, told The Mail on Sunday that her sister Susan, 56, who suffers from speech difficulties following a stroke four years ago, pleaded for help down the phone, sobbing: "They're here, they're here.
Sepancy thinks this will help down the purchase barrier.
He tore the cornea in the process and, though I tried to ignore the pain, it was not long before I was seeking help down at the American Mission Hospital and emerged a half hour later, complete with patch.
When the three of us had finished our visit--all of us feeling pretty distraught about the pain in these kids' eyes--I told the soldiers if there was any way I could help down the road, to let me know.
Firefighters believe he was trying to help down his son after he got into difficulty while climbing at the park in Ham Green, Bristol.