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fall heir to (something)

To inherit something. Thank you! I fell heir to this pearl necklace when my grandmother died.
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fall heir to something

1. Lit. to inherit something; to end up with certain possessions of someone who has died. I fell heir to all my grandmother's old photographs.
2. Fig. to end up with having to take care of something that no one else wants; to be placed in charge of something unexpectedly. Bob fell heir to the Wilson project and has to complete what Jane failed to do.
See also: fall, heir
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The Attorney Generals Office appoints county public administrators, who primarily serve as representatives for estates in which a deceased person has no known heirs.
If there is no will, then the probate court during the intestate estate proceedings will identify the heirs and distribute the property to them again after all the debts and taxes have been paid.
However, article 1049 Civil Code provides that when it comes to money, valuables or securities, specialized institutions will not be able to proceed to the delivery of the legacy covering the above, except by judgment or heir certificate which prove the validity of the testamentary disposition and the quality of legatee, the provisions relating to report and reduction being applicable.
A year after, an Extra Judicial Settlement Among Heirs with Sale was again executed by and among Spes, Joy, Eva.
gross taxpayer or heir benefit from transmitting the sum t to heirs, all of which stems from the initial $1 donation.
Fans have been asked to come along and take photos with the prestigious HH the Heir Apparent Cup.
Britain's Heir Apparent toured the exhibition and was briefed on it.
And he added that the programme has encouraged many viewers to want to try their hand at the heir hunting game.
The ban on a Catholic being King or Queen will not be axed, meaning an heir raised as a Catholic, could be barred from becoming monarch.
HH the Heir Apparent also opened the Qatar International Trade Exhibition for Partners and Franchise, which is taking place along with the International Trade Conference.
In Shakespeare, the future is typically conceptualized in and through the figure of the child, or more exactly the child as heir contingent (presumptive, apparent, likely, unlikely, whatever).
In the new suit, AARP alleges that even though HUD has corrected its rules, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae "are still failing to give notice to surviving spouses and heirs of their rights to purchase the property for the lower value, and are foreclosing and seeking to evict an heir who is attempting to pay off the current fair market price on an under-water home.
Not only is Prince William (eventual heir to the British throne) going to marry princess-to-be Kate Middleton in a highly anticipated wedding next week, but today (April 21) is also the 85th birthday of William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.
The required documents are a death certificate, ID copy of the deceased, "legal heir document", power of attorney for legal heir and legal heir's passport copy.
In Roman law the partible inheritance was considered a pars bonorum and not a pars hereditatis, the heir who is entitled to a portion of an inheritance can choose the partible inheritance even if he renounces to the inheritance.