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at the height of

At the pinnacle or maximum degree of. Disco was at the height of its popularity in the 1970s.
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at the height of something

Fig. at the most intense or forceful aspect of something. At the height of his career, Tom was known around the world. At the height of the party, there were 50 people present.
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the height of something

1. the period when something is strongest In 1955, he was at the height of his fame. The constitution was drawn up at the height of military rule.
2. the greatest amount of something It's the height of arrogance to feel you need to convert someone to your own religion.
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Memorial Hermann Greater Heights recently had plans approved for a 44,000-square-foot Convenient Care Center in the Heights.
We showed that the spatial resolution of the method is close to its theoretical limit, defined by the sharpness of the neutron wave functions versus height, or, in other words, by the sharpness of the gravitational barrier permeability for neutrons versus height.
Whether your equipment is low tech or high tech, here are same tips to avoid the pitfalls of height measurement.
Practice the motion of skipping first; then increase intensity until you can achieve the greatest height and distance with each lift-off from the ground.
Researchers have previously detected decreases in ionospheric height over Finland and Germany.
To that end, height has received its rightful share of attention.
Bethel Heights Vineyard has been committed to sustainability since its inception in 1977 and has been looking at ways to build on that tradition.
The poverty level for families in Harlem Heights is more than twice the county average," said Kathryn Kelly, president and CEO of The Heights Foundation.
Brompton Heights was selected for the following honor: "Top Retirement Communities In Western New York"
As a developer specializing in condo conversions, Crescent Heights is consistently at the cutting edge of this industry trend," said Jerry Howard, NAHB executive vice president and chief executive officer.
Tool Chemical Composites -- A CASS Polymers Company, Madison Heights, MI
HEAVEN KNOWS how many of the people who see the film ``Washington Heights'' will actually hail from Washington Heights, much less will have even heard of the largely Dominican New York neighborhood with a too-lofty-sounding name.
A patented clamping system combined with the patented injection unit (FIFO A) enable the working heights described.
Two years ago I had to crane my neck to take in the Dyerville Giant's lofty heights.
A handful of studies have shown that growth hormone can indeed accelerate growth in medically normal, short children, although it remains unclear whether the treatment really leads to taller adult heights or simply speeds an individual's attainment of the height he or she would reach anyway.