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The Heeling Solutions survey revealed that those who are overweight have a 30% greater chance of reporting heel pain than those who are not overweight.
Heeling Solutions is dedicated to helping the millions of people needlessly suffering from chronic heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis.
CONTACT: Daniel Marein-Efron of Heeling Solutions LLC, +1-917-687-2881, daniel@heelingsolutions.
Patent Office, Heeling Sports Limited (HSL), makers of the internationally popular Heelys "wheel in the heel" skate shoes, was awarded a U.
The patent is a legal and moral victory for Heeling Sports, which filed an infringement lawsuit this week against rival shoe company Skechers over a similar line of skate shoes.
Heeling Sports sent a "cease and desist" letter to Skechers in February 2002, noting that the Skechers product would violate the pending patent when issued.
Patent Office revealed it would grant Heeling Sports its patent, Skechers notified its retailers that it was ceasing all shipments, canceling all open orders and refusing to accept any new orders for its skate shoes with wheels in the heel.
Heeling Sports is also putting back together the core of the popular "Team Soap" based in California.
Dallas-based Heeling Sports Limited burst onto the skate scene in late 2000 with the wildly successful Heelys skate-shoes, the patented wheel-in-the-heel shoe which gave rise to the sport of "heeling.