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give heed to (something)

To listen carefully or pay close attention; to give ample or due consideration. You'd best give heed to his advice, or you might end up suffering the mistakes he made in the past. Give heed to your mother, she knows what she's talking about.
See also: give, heed

pay heed to someone

to listen to and accommodate someone. You had better pay heed to your father! They are not paying heed to what I told them.
See also: heed, pay

take heed (of someone or something)

to be cautious with someone or something; to pay attention to someone or something. We will have to take heed of Wendy and see what she will do next. You will learn to take heed of these little signs that things are not going well.
See also: heed, take

give/pay ˈheed (to somebody/something)


take ˈheed (of somebody/something)

(formal) pay careful attention to somebody/something: They gave little heed to the rumours.I paid no heed at the time but later I had cause to remember what he’d said.
See also: give, heed, pay
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