hedge bets

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hedge one's bets

Fig. to reduce one's loss on a bet or on an investment by counterbalancing the loss in some way. Bob bet Ann that the plane would be late. He usually hedges his bets. This time he called the airline and asked about the plane before he made the bet. John bought some stock and then bet Mary that the stock would go down in value in one year. He has hedged his bets perfectly. If the stock goes up, he sells it, pays off Mary, and still makes a profit. If it goes down, he reduces his loss by winning the bet he made with Mary.
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hedge your bets

to protect yourself against making the wrong choice Forecasters were hedging their bets about the storm, saying that it could bring lots of snow, or it could head away from us.
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hedge your bets

to try to avoid giving an opinion or choosing only one thing, so that whatever happens in the future you will not have problems or seem stupid (sometimes + on ) Journalists are hedging their bets on the likely outcome of the election. I decided to hedge my bets by buying shares in several different companies.
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The reason we have the delay is that racing multiples is a risk-taking product for us and we sometimes place hedge bets into the Betfair market to manage our liability.
Of the current top 10 services providers, IDC is confident that IBM Global Services, EDS, Fujitsu, and CSC will maintain their positions but won't hedge bets on the remaining leaders in today's market.
We work with companies to quickly and strategically evaluate their partnerships and move to either consolidate their portfolio of alliances, or hedge bets and create ways to most effectively limit over-exposure.
Hood also suggests that for William Hill to conduct all of their hedging activity on-course, the firm would need to be sure that their hedge bets in the ring were not being bet back on to exchanges by on-course bookmakers.
And while most economists do not like to hedge bets on the index's likely outcome, which is an indicator of consumption, they predict that at worst, March's reading will be in line with February's comparatively healthy plus five level.
With a mile to run in last year's National, very few were in contention - an ideal opportunity to hedge bets