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During practice, the inner voicing of selected words or phrases, such as "calm, relaxation, energy" engage the brain's extensive language networks, eventually eliciting heaviness and warmth with their verbal prompts.
Reunion Island's director of coffee development, Adam Pesce, explains why this coffee appealed to him: "It's clean, balanced and sweet, yet still has that distinctive heaviness we've come to expect from Indonesian coffees.
But it was the relentless heaviness of TBDM's sonic attack that cranked the heat up even further.
This combination of ingredients provides triple action relief for post meal stomach heaviness in people who feel that their stomach has weakened due to aging.
The other boy's injuries potentially were more serious as he was complaining of neck pain and a feeling of heaviness in his legs.
There are elements of history as well as comedy without the heaviness of classic language.
And an easing of her food intake has already "seen some of that heaviness come off her", according to Tweenhills Stud boss David Redvers.
PM Brown has already cited the oil market in comments on the wires earlier, which could add to the heaviness in the commodity bloc currencies.
Lots of flavor, without the heaviness of many imperial IPAs.
The Boat": We slip through the darkness, feeling in the boat's rocking/the heaviness of water, under us, around us;//a halo of light in the west, the barest of moons,/ the least moon possible.
But for an artist like Davey, who takes the discursive framework of photography as part of its very materiality, there is no getting around (and no desire to do so) the heaviness of every photograph.
Why are you so full of heaviness my soul, and why so unquiet within me?
Architects Barclay & Crousse saw the project as a chance to explore contrasts between old and new, tradition and modernity, heaviness and lightness.
The body immediately "walls" off the area via swelling and inflammation, creating heaviness and pain when moving the injured area.
Powerful and flexible polymers mean that the spray can be 'layered' onto hair without stiffness, dulling or heaviness.