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First prize for the heaviest bag is PS250 and the heaviest fish will win PS150.
The heaviest baby of all was born at the Royal Berkshire hospital and weighed 15lb 14oz.
Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimber districts of this division besides several upper reaches of AJK lashed with heaviest downpour of the current season pushing the entire region back to cold after the pause of over a couple of weeks.
Jason Brown won the match with the heaviest fish, a cod of 2.
CODLING showed for the Redcar N and G's heaviest bag match, Bernard Westgarth catching two from Skinningrove for 7lb 15oz, in a match fished by 16 with five weighing in.
Runner-up Les Carrington had the heaviest fish of 1lb 15oz.
If successful, it will be the heaviest eight-bell peal ever rung and will take the record from Exeter Cathedral.
And some 57 per cent of women drank more than three units on their heaviest day of the previous week.
These are the heaviest rains eastern Uganda has experienced in 35 years," said Kristen Knutson, spokeswoman at the UN's Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
Rosalie, who overcame depression and a suicide bid to help others with obesity, had two entries in the Guinness Book of World Records - for the heaviest woman and for the most weight lost.
1c), provided the angle of taper is sufficient and the source of the feed metal is at the heaviest section, Under these conditions, a favorable freezing pattern is assured because the metal that has flowed the farthest (and is therefore the coldest) is deposited in the thin section.
It's the heaviest nucleus yet created in the laboratory.
The students later ran similar experiments with other variables to see, for example, which boat could hold the heaviest load.
In the October series, which becomes our front month after tonight's close, the 17 put is the site of heaviest open interest, home to more than 22,000 open contracts.