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hale and hearty

Healthy. It's true that she was in the hospital a few weeks ago, but she's hale and hearty now.
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hale and hearty

Cliché healthy. The young infant was hale and hearty. The calf—hale and hearty—ran around the barnyard.
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hale and hearty

In robust good health, as in After her long bout with pneumonia, I was glad to see her hale and hearty. This redundant expression, since both hale and hearty here mean "healthy," probably survives owing to its pleasing alliteration. [Mid-1800s]
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hale and ˈhearty

(especially of old people) strong and healthy: She was still hale and hearty in her nineties.
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party hearty

and party down
in. to have a great time; to celebrate. (Also as an exclamation: Party down!) The whole class decided to celebrate and party hearty. Let’s party down, dudes!
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The benefits of raising pigs on pasture are both healthier and heartier pigs.
If you are looking for something a bit heartier, try the Montpellier.
Texture 8% Source: IRI New Product Profiler[TM], New Products that completed their first year in calendar year 2012 Successful innovation is combining experiential tastes and textures, homemade quality and/or heartier portions to bring indulgence into the food and beverage aisles.
And I happen to know that it's possible to generate more customers with fewer, heartier leads.
As consumers look to shift from heartier fare to lighter spring salads and grilling, consider cross-merchandising mushrooms in the meat department, advises Preis.
99 per person if you fancy something a bit heartier.
0 mm in diameter were observed on both the aerobic and anaerobic sheep blood agar plates, but growth was much heartier in the anaerobic environment (Figure 1).
Robusta, he said, is a much heartier plant than Arabica.
This could be great for building new types of diagnostics and new types of biosensors," Chaput said, pointing out that XNAs are heartier molecules, not recognized by the natural enzymes that tend to degrade DNA and RNA.
Enhancements that customers who visit US Airways Clubs can enjoy include: [yen]A revamped wine menu at all Club locations with a greater selection of premium wines [yen]An assortment of heartier snacks in our Philadelphia and Charlotte clubs during peak transatlantic departure hours [yen]A new club in Terminal 2 at Raleigh-Durham (scheduled to open in late January) [yen]Refreshed decor and new furniture in the Terminal B club in Phoenix , a new club in New York 's LaGuardia Airport and a second club in DCA.
For heartier feasts try a tray of vincisgrassi - a pasta dish of mushrooms and ham - plus chilli con carne and Moroccan style chicken tagine served with couscous and crisp green salad just using cos lettuce.
Overall, those trends are "healthier, heartier and seasonal" soup selections, says Laura McGuire, editorial manager for Chicago-based Technomic Inc.
Those with a heartier appetite can opt for one of Chelsea Docks's new pizzas or choose from its newly extended range of main courses.
The starter was a very simple dish contrasting the two varieties EoAC" the slender, crisp-tender green asparagus, with its heartier flavour, and the white (Dh95).
While that's a time-consuming discussion in itself, I think lesbians can claim a heartier role in fashion than they do.