heartbeat (away) from being (something)

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heartbeat (away) from being (something)

In a position to move into a position immediately upon the absence of one's superior or predecessor (often assumed to mean from death). The position of vice president may not seem important, but whoever it is will be a heartbeat away from being president, so we should take that into account when voting.
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a heartbeat (away) from

very close to; on the verge of.
See also: heartbeat

a ˈheartbeat away (from something)

very close to something: The offices are a heartbeat away from Singapore’s business centre.With all her musical talent, it seems that success is just a heartbeat away.
See also: away, heartbeat
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With the victory, Cocolife improved to a 3-2 (win-loss) card, just a heartbeat away from leader Petron (3-0), F2 Logistics (1-0) and Cignal (2-2) in the team standings of this battle that also has Senoh, Mueller, Mikasa, Asics, Grand Sport and LGR as technical sponsors.
It's as if Pence a who is "just a heartbeat away from being the President of the United States," as an old saying goes a wants to have a war, and who would win?
Pay off the magistrates who will decide in Bongbong's favor, putting him a heartbeat away from the presidency?
Woodman said: "It feels like I have been a heartbeat away from the action a few times.
I was a heartbeat away from having my name on the Arboretum Wall in Lichfield.
It is a movement born of a mother's heart, to save those just a heartbeat away from premature death.
Still a vice president is a heartbeat away from the presidency.
Over at Buckingham Palace there will be another Charles, a heartbeat away from the throne, hoping history does not repeat itself.
The world is frightfully a heartbeat away from a dreadful nuclear showdown between Russia and the United States, which is a scenario increasingly posed by the existence of ready-to-launch nuclear missiles.
It's a fantastic oldschool function room in Guisborough, great seating, big stage, comics are going to love playing there - and it's all just a heartbeat away from the High Street.
John McCain -- the man who once tried to put Sarah Palin a " heartbeat away from the American Presidency" -- snuck into Syria on a secret visit, all a part of his plan to continue pushing intervention.
Playing in England, a heartbeat away from the same flight as Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, would give the two of them the opportunity to grow again.
In December that year he had confidently been expected to become Taoiseach and was a heartbeat away from a vote to confirm it in the Dail.