heart-to-heart talk

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heart-to-heart (talk)

n. a serious and intimate discussion. We sat down and had a nice heart-to-heart for about an hour.
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Choose a time when he's not busy or tired so that the two of you can have a heart-to-heart talk.
For example, a heart-to-heart talk by the CEO, acknowledging that times are unsettled, will go a long way in reassuring employees.
Finally, don't even consider becoming a CEO until you have had a heart-to-heart talk with your family.
Is it so hard to imagine that a respectful heart-to-heart talk with a valued antiwar colleague might have swayed the three votes that would have meant continued sanctions rather than war?
The main storyline of this episode will be about Deacon and Quinn's conversation regarding their budding relationship, Eric's advice to Brooke and Katie and Bill's heart-to-heart talk.
In a heart-to-heart talk, Dasari said: "I don't know how to flirt with you.
The team had a heart-to-heart talk on the pitch at the end and we'll continue that at training.
Banuelos and Sutton had a heart-to-heart talk in which Sutton revealed some troubling things about his childhood.
But following a heart-to-heart talk with Blues director of rugby Dai Young, Lewis is going back to the position from where he made his name.
HELL'SKitchen star Jennifer Ellison was yesterday having a heart-to-heart talk with her mother after her long-lost biological father spoke out following an 18-year absence from her life.
Britton, who had a heart-to-heart talk with the player yesterday, said: 'I've told Drewe it cannot continue.
After Maria dried their tears, she had a heart-to-heart talk with the kids about the death of a pet.
Bales will give "A Daughter's Intimate Perspective of the Whitehouse" during her heart-to-heart talk to the more than 300 ladies on hand.
The couple was then seen having a heart-to-heart talk where Scott reveals how tired he is with the talks they have been having for years which do not appear to be solving their issues.
30 (ANI): Manchester United winger Nani has attributed his dramatic turnabout in form to a heart-to-heart talk with Old Trafford boss Alex Ferguson.