heart sinks

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your heart sinks

you become discouraged or disappointed My heart sank when I opened the letter and realized I had not been accepted into graduate school.
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somebody's heart sinks

if someone's heart sinks, they start to feel sad or worried He looked at the huge pile of work on his desk and his heart sank.
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WHEN that red light starts flashing on my dashboard, my heart sinks because that's another seventy quid blown filling up the family car.
It's little wonder Becky's heart sinks as the authorities swoop.
As we prepare to vote on more powers for the Welsh Assembly, my heart sinks at the thought that the councillors of Newport are a peep into the future.
It is great to see the resurgence which has firmly put the city back on the map in terms of commerce, tourism and confidence but my heart sinks each time I read about the so-called benevolence of the European Regional Development Fund.
My heart sinks if the example of David Beckham kicking a football from a red double-decker and people waving umbrellas.
When you see a headline in a major newspaper about a "perv priest," your heart sinks.