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I went to him and told him that I could see nothing but one face, hear nothing but one voice.
We could hear the talk of slave-girls amongst the sheds.
He seemed to hear a stir in the house--listened--then stepped in noiselessly.
But I then thought that I was the only one to hear his voice.
But she seemed not to hear me and acted exactly as though I were not there.
When the music stopped, I seemed to hear a noise from the skulls in the heap of bones; it was as though they were chuckling and I could not help shuddering.
She e-mailed a picture of the amiable pooch and to hear Sandra tell it, it was love at first sight.
An individual who is born with moderate hearing loss or who experiences such loss early in life will hear imperfectly, which often results in corresponding difficulties with English.
When one tone of a pair, followed by a second, is played, some listeners hear the second tone as higher in pitch than the first.
America Hears has always led the industry in helping the broad and growing market of people who need high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices," said Henry C.
Ever since their son was born nearly deaf 19 months ago, Chris and Christina Edwards have yearned that he hear them whisper his Hungarian name, which sounds like ``Casey.
The leading online supplier of premium digital hearing instruments today introduced a new version of its Virtual Office software with remote-control capabilities enabling America Hears professionals to provide technical support and training over the Internet on customers' personal computers at home.
America Hears integrated ADRO[R] into its entire line of premium digital hearing aids, and America Hears collaborated with Dynamic Hearing on continuous improvement of the ADRO[R] algorithms for hearing aids.
It is impossible to hear the proper sound while viewing the speaker's lips, noted Knudsen.
But today, this Huntington Beach homemaker can hear almost as well as anyone as the result of an operation six years ago at Kaiser Permanente's Los Angeles Medical Center to place an electronic hearing device -- called a cochlear implant -- into her inner ear.