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hearken to someone or something

Formal or stilted to listen to someone or something; to pay attention to someone or something. Please hearken to me. I speak the truth. Hearken to the call of the nightingale.
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According to Julia Haslanger, Hearken engagement consultant, the team hasn't set a target date yet for when the tool will be formally released.
The book will be of interest to the general reader, especially those who hearken back to the days of Bush.
NOW are the days, of humblest prayer, when consciences to God lie bare, And mercy most delights to spare, Oh hearken when we cry.
With its soaring spire, 40 Wall stands distinctly among the handful of pyramidal-topped towers in Lower Manhattan that hearken to the district's 20th Century heyday as the city's premiere commercial office district.
Instead, the authors hearken back to God's covenant with His people, citing a Christian's duty to seek justice and offer hospitality to the least of one's neighbors.
Here in Deuteronomy, where God is reaffirming God's covenant with Israel, and the nature of God's relationship with God's people is reinterpreted and reinforced, God reminds Israel that they are to hearken only to the words of the Lord and not to follow false prophets or false gods.
Jobs like those found at Kaiser Steel and GM hearken back to another era.
5 NICOLE EISENMAN Half of the new drawing shows I've seen lately hearken back to Eisenman's mid-'90s work (where punk meets Ashcan).
A lot of lesbian filmmakers are trying to do very edgy work, but Intentions seems to hearken back to a more classic model of film.
Columbia has been used in hospitals and, nursing homes for over a century, and the new institutional packaging debuting at the end of the second quarter will hearken back to the product's look in the 1930s, according to a spokesman for the supplier.
The rhetoric it uses and the precedents it invokes seem to hearken back to earlier critics, including those Jacksonian-era libertarians who railed against both state power and the moneyed interests that suckled at the government's teat.
For those troubled by the iniquity of these characters' acts of retribution, editor Alice Thomas Ellis, who provides the work's introduction, agrees that "we should hearken more attentively to the injunction of the Lord, `Vengeance is mine.
God repeats his instruction, and Moses again answers, "Behold, I am of uncircumcised lips, and how shall Pharaoh hearken unto me?
SEIU is also among the unions adopting tactics that hearken back to the potent activism of the thirties.
The mention of mingled breath may hearken sexual imagery, but Hughes simultaneously addresses greater struggle: