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hearing things

Having auditory hallucinations. Bob: "Listen, I'm sure that someone is right behind us!" Jack: "Bob, you're hearing things. There's nothing out here but us and the wind."
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hard of hearing

[of someone] unable to hear well or partially deaf. Please speak loudly. I am hard of hearing. Tom is hard of hearing, but is not totally deaf.
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hearing impaired

Euph. deaf or nearly deaf. This program is closed-captioned for our hearing-impaired viewers. His mother happens to be hearing impaired, so he learned to sign at an early age.
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hard of hearing

Somewhat deaf, having a partial loss of hearing. For example, You'll have to speak distinctly; Dad's a little hard of hearing. The use of hard in the sense of "difficulty in doing something" survives only in this expression. [Mid-1500s]
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a fair ˈhearing

the opportunity for somebody to give their point of view about something before deciding if they have done something wrong, often in a court of law: I’ll see that you get a fair hearing.
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hard of ˈhearing

unable to hear well: He’s become rather hard of hearing.The television programme has subtitles for the hard of hearing.
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in/within (somebody’s) ˈhearing

near enough to somebody so that they can hear what is said: She shouldn’t have said such things in your hearing.
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hard of hearing

1. Having a partial loss of hearing.
2. People who have partial loss of hearing, considered as a group.
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One large study by scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that nearly 13 percent of young people, ages 6 to 19, have some hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noise.
Ultimately, an increase in the awareness of the ototoxic potential of chemicals should improve preventive efforts and help reduce the risk of hearing loss.
1996), deaf adults could provide a positive view of a deaf child's prospects for hearing parents.
Common types of hearing protection include earplugs and noise muffs.
The taxpayer requested a hearing within the 30-day limit; it was held in January 2001.
you keep hearing a hissing or ringing background noise
In 1990, Congress amended the FDI Act to provide that all hearings held on the record in enforcement cases such as this "shall be open to the public, unless the agency, in its discretion, determines that holding an open hearing would be contrary to the public interest.
Damage in the inner ear creates a sensorineural loss and results in difficulty in hearing high frequency sounds (Brooks, 1989; McFarland & Cox, 1985; Williams, 1984).
No one knows how long it takes to develop hearing impairment.
While the identification of these deafness genes may not help people born with profound, almost always permanent hearing loss, it may benefit the many whose deafness strikes later in life.
The result: the Hearing Aid Recovery Program (HARP) program, initiated in March 1995 and finalized last November.
At a hearing on securities litigation reform last spring, Democrats exposed the GOP's star witness as a litigant, while Republicans were outwitted by the witness they intended to skewer.
It is not possible to provide an exact number of the people over age 55 who have both severe hearing and vision loss.
Defective genes can also pass along traits such as hearing loss or speech and language disorders.
In a broad sense, deaf includes all individuals with any degree of hearing loss, but particularly people who cannot understand spoken messages through hearing alone.