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The Programmatic Elements infographic is a resource developed by Headway Digital to streamline the complexity of programmatic media buying so that marketers can focus on the best opportunities to achieve their goals.
Emma Gaudern, who heads up the firm, is also involved with the Headway charity, and is hoping to help ensure that everyone who wants to go to the Kielder event can do so.
Headway, the brain injury association, aims to promote understanding in all aspects of brain injury and provides information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers.
Ann Allister, who is a trustee of Headway Wirral, said: "The support and services Headway Wirral offer are life changing to the victims of brain injury and their families, and the Dragon Boat Festival is our biggest fundraising event of the year.
If I hadn't been transferred to Cardiff I wouldn't even have known about Headway," he added.
This is a three year program going out to the 2016 Presidential election,” JP Sakey, President and CEO of Headway, announced about the expanded opportunity to deliver more election agents after successfully completing a 220 person Report the Vote recruitment program for Ipsos.
Launched four years ago by Justin Evans - a man who owes a debt of gratitude to the organisation and Matt Hillard, Headway Day Centre manager - this year's show showcases the multi-various musical skills of Right Hand Left Hand, Little Arrow, Alex Dingley, Totem Terrors, Quiet Marauder, Gindrinker and Francesca's Word Salad.
Dr Vaidik said that political leadership of India wished to have good relations with Pakistan and was hopeful that newly elected leadership in Pakistan will make headway regarding problems of the region in particular for improvement of relations and talks between India and Pakistan.
She has also been nominated for her work with Headway Wearside, of which she is chairman.
DC Motorcycles boss, Dick Cartwright, invited former employee and Headway service user, Russell Curran, to the cheque presentation.
HEADWAY West Midlands is a charity supporting people affected by brain injury and is working in conjunction with Bournville College to offer two apprenticeship vacancies in business administration and health and social care in the charity's branch in Rubery.
Hayley has been a crucial friend to Headway Cambridgeshire since her recovery from her accident in 2009 on the Newmarket gallops and she now volunteers with us to raise awareness of our work with all those affected by brain injury.
Eight GPs from the three practices and two pharmacists from the Billingham area worked together to form Billingham Headway Limited and Billingham Health Limited, the companies behind the scheme.
The time headway or headway is 'the time, in seconds, between two successive vehicles as they pass a point on the roadway, measured from the same common feature of both vehicles' (Highway Capacity Manual 2000).
Six buses are deployed on this route to provide shuttle services from Saturday to Thursday, and the number of buses will be four on Fridays and holidays, at 10 minutes headway.