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1. Inflexible; stubborn; overly willful or obstinate. Also written as "hard-headed." Our son is so hardheaded. Once he's made up his mind about something, there's no way anyone can change it! We've got a hard-headed new boss in the office who thinks her way of doing things is the only correct one.
2. Very practical and shrewd; not concerned with or influenced by emotions. Also written as "hard-headed." We've hired a consultant to give us a hardheaded analysis of the company's future.

head south

1. To escape; to vanish or disappear. (Not necessarily in a southerly direction.) Everyone in the gang headed south when they learned that the police had discovered their hideout.
2. To fall or drop; to depreciate; to lose quality or value. (Especially related to finances or stock exchanges.) The company's stock profile continued heading south for the third day in a row today. I used to be a big player in the stock market, but all my investments have headed south lately.
3. To cease working or functioning; to quit, fail, or fall apart. Talks between the labor union and the construction firm headed south yesterday, so it looks like workers will be on strike again soon. My computer is only a month old, and it's already heading south.
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Stupid. He's so hammer-headed he probably just walked by the entrance to the train station and didn't even see the huge sign out front.


Calm and practical, especially in times of stress. Whenever I have a problem with the copier, I call Elaine because she's so level-headed and can always think of a quick solution. You really need to be level-headed if you're going to work in an emergency room.

head for a fall

To take actions that will likely result in a problem or conflict, typically due to one's past behavior. With the way he keeps skipping school, he is definitely headed for a fall. Oh, Jennifer is heading for a fall—you can't start rumors about half the school without repercussions.
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be light-headed

To feel dizzy, as if one might faint. I'm light-headed because I stood up too quickly. Your mother needs to sit down, she's light-headed all of a sudden.

feel light-headed

To feel dizzy, as if one might faint. I'm feeling light-headed because I stood up too quickly. Your mother needs to sit down because she feels light-headed all of a sudden.
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head for the hills

1. To move to higher ground, as in preparation for or response to a natural disaster. There are bound to be tsunamis after an earthquake like that. We'd better head for the hills!
2. To flee hastily; to clear out or depart quickly. You better head for the hills before mom comes home and sees what you did to her car. The bandits all headed for the hills when they heard the marshall was riding into town.
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head for the hills

 and take to the hills; run for the hills 
1. Lit. to flee to higher ground. The river's rising. Head for the hills! Head for the hills! Here comes the flood!
2. Fig. to depart quickly. Here comes crazy Joe. Run for the hills. Everyone is heading for the hills because that boring Mr. Simpson is coming here again.
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headed for something

destined for something. Harry is headed for real trouble. She is headed for a breakdown.
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someone who is bull-headed is determined to do exactly what they want to do, and does not think about what other people want He's completely bull-headed. I asked him not to throw out that old table, but he did it anyway.

be heading/riding for a fall

  also be headed for a fall
to be behaving in a way that is likely to cause problems for you Greg's riding for a fall - he gets to work late and spends hours talking to his friends on the phone.
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be/feel light-headed

to feel weak and as if you might fall over I feel a bit light-headed. I shouldn't have drunk that second glass of wine.

bald-headed hermit

and bald-headed mouse and one-eyed pants mouse
n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) Somebody said something about the attack of the one-eyed pants mouse, and all the boys howled with laughter. Although “bald-headed hermit” gave her mental images of Ghandi on vacation, she soon figured out the riddle.

bald-headed mouse

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head South

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mod. stubborn. Anybody that hardheaded is going to have trouble with everybody.
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