head toward

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head toward someone or something

1. Lit. to point at and move toward someone, something, or some place. Head toward Mary and don't stop to talk to anyone else. Sharon headed toward the parking lot, hoping to get home soon.
2. Fig. to be developing into something; to be moving toward a specific result. The problem will head toward a solution when you stop making the situation worse than it is. I believe that you are heading toward severe health problems if you don't stop smoking.
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References in classic literature ?
When I got on my feet to go on again, I happened to turn my head toward the door of the house.
A desire to impress the mind of his companion with the importance of the resolution he had made came over him and he nod- ded his head toward the house.
At this point the herald nudged Rob and half inclined his head toward the Sheriff's daughter, who sat with a thin smile upon her lips.
I'm not hankering to be the man that lays hands on you while he's around," Pete announced conclusively, nodding his head toward Buck.
Tamenund turned his head toward one of his supporters, and listened to the short explanation the man gave.
At this instant Ginevra abandoned the meditative attitude in which she had been contemplating her canvas, and turned her head toward the group of aristocrats.
He nodded his head toward one end of the island opposite, and, looking steadily in the same direction, the other guest could see the dome of a bald head and the top of a fishing rod, both equally motionless, rising out of the tall undergrowth against the background of the stream beyond.
The herald went to the chair in which Rebecca was seated, and Bois-Guilbert suddenly turning his horse's head toward that end of the lists, in spite of hints on either side from Malvoisin and Mont-Fitchet, was by the side of Rebecca's chair as soon as the herald.
The squire is right, Judge,” observed Benjamin, with a knowing nod of his head toward Richard, that bespoke the cordiality between them,
He raised his head toward the heavens and opened his mouth.
Beefy jerked his great head toward an open door, and the tail of my eye caught the glint of glasses in the firelight, but the rest of it was otherwise engaged.
He turned his head toward the kitchen where his Rag-weed was working and asked himself if she were gone and some other woman were here--such as little Rose might be when she grew up, one to whom he went out spontaneously, would not his life be more complete and far more worth while?
said his wife, with slow, loud emphasis, bending her head toward him significantly.
She occupied a chair right up to the front, and several times she turned her head toward one or another of her CONFRERES and smiled her appreciation of the remarks.
So when next day at tiffin he bent his head toward me and said that he had met my late Captain last evening, adding in an undertone: "He's very sorry you left.