head to toe

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(from) head to toe

also (from) head to foot
completely (from) top to toe Each person was scrubbed head to toe with antibacterial soap. She was tall and thin, and dressed head to toe in black.
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READY TO HELP Volunteers, from left, Marion Grey, Christine Fairbairn, Diana Middleton, Jill Arkell-Wilson and Carol Coburn LESS TRAUMA FOR CANCER PATIENTS Volunteer Jill Arkell-Wilson at the launch of the Head to Toe service at Marie Curie Hospice
The ultimate gift for a million dollars is being offered to consumers that want to totally re-create and transform their entire body from head to toes.
The Fashion Eds offer a head to toe guide to the season's hottest labels.
If laid out head to toe, every person buried last year in the United States would form a line stretching from Los Angeles to New York City.
While you should keep moisturizer and perfume away from crystals, we accented shoulders with Jane Blacklight Head to Toe Body Gel in Prism Pink.
Robed from head to toe in black blankets, the fighters glided nobly around the stage (as though on motorized platforms), their sedate march gradually unfolding into a bravura display as the men and women exploded into action against the enemy, their torsos vibrating with the bursts of fire from their rifles.
A DAD killed his adopted son by wrapping him from head to toe in duct tape.
Dressed head to toe in black, Delinah Blake declined to comment on the proceedings.
Arrow used CDC and OSHA guidelines to develop the tray components, as well as IHI guidelines, which recommend a drape large enough to cover the patient from head to toe.
Bootsy Collins was dressed head to toe in leopard print.
The combined results of feeling silky-smooth from head to toe and being completely relaxed are guaranteed to rejuvenate you.
MUCH as we'd love to dress like divas every day of the week, we reluctantly concede that, worn head to toe, silver is all a bit bling for office hours.