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HAMMERS HEAD HUNT FOR AGGER DANIEL AGGER'S future is being monitored by three London clubs after making it clear to Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers he wants to leave.
Some time ago, a well known business editor of a newspaper said Britain should head hunt the head of France's SNCF who was also chairman of Eurostar, the most powerful railway man in Europe.
Former Anfield chairman Noel White, is on the powerful International Committee who'll choose the next supremo, and Jimmy Armfield - appointed by the English FA to head hunt the new boss - is an admirer.
At a county board meeting on Tuesday night it was stated that the committee will essentially head hunt those that they are interested in rather than inviting applications or nominations from clubs.
JI: So if you don't head hunt, how can you get quality people?
An ambitious young lawyer believes all his dreams have come true when a prestigious legal company head hunt him for a coveted position.