head honcho

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the head honcho

slang The person in charge. That decision is above my pay grade. You'll have to ask the head honcho.
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(the) head ˈhoncho

(informal, especially American English) the person who is in charge; the boss: Claude is the studio’s head honcho, so talk to him if you have a problem.This phrase comes from the Japanese word hancho, meaning ‘group leader’.
See also: head, honcho
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3 Westmead Guru bk d June 08 Top Honcho Tyrur Ted Watch The Market Sonic Flight Head Honcho Rainbow High Phantom Flash Oh So Nice Frightful Flash Westmead Flight Smooth Rumble Knockeevan Joy Westmead Swift Mega Delight Bred by Nick Savva, Bedfordshire WESTMEAD GURU is one of four finalists sired by past and present stud dogs located at the Frightful Flash Kennels.
As revealed here a fortnight ago Woodward is keen to return to the RFU as a head honcho - not a team manager like Johnson - after the Olympics.
JOHN Barrowman is to step in as a guest judge on BBC1's So You Think You Can Dance, replacing busy head honcho Nigel Lythgoe.
Indeed, she notes in her docs that the head honcho wrote her an email after a shoot, saying, "Hey Paris.
Nick Griffin, the BNP head honcho, is a plausible orator.
Ospreys head honcho Andrew Hore insisted he would stay on as its elite performance director despite being at the helm during a staggering decline in their fortunes.
Sunnyside Rose brings a similar Australian element to Goldcrest King's pedigree via her father Pacific Mile who, like Top Honcho, was by Head Honcho.
Sandy Chisholm, head honcho at North American Arms is an old friend and an affable fellow.
According to Hill's head honcho Tom Singer the fear of arrest prompted their decision.
Working at Anglia Television in Norwich, we made a pilot for a chat show, which a head honcho at Channel 5 commissioned on the spot.
Tonight's final episode features the entire cast in court for a planning hearing (presided over by former Holby City head honcho Guy Henry) in which the Mottersheads hear themselves branded "dishonourable, dangerous and devilish".
DR Frank Corvin still harbours a grudge against Nasa head honcho Bob Gerson who, during the 1950s, replaced him in the first space flights with a chimp.
About the meeting Vivid's head honcho Steve Hirsch told: "We can't comment at this time.