head away from

head away from someone or something

to turn and move away from someone or something. The car headed away from Andrew and he knew he was stranded for at least an hour. We headed away from the store, not knowing that my purse was riding on the roof of the car.
See also: away, head
References in classic literature ?
I'm too tired to argue, Ralph," she replied, turning her head away from him.
He sat down abruptly, almost cataleptically, drew his head away from the clutch of her hands and out of the entanglement of her hair, and, his nose thrust upward at an angle of forty-five degrees, he began to quiver and to breathe audibly in rhythm to the rhythm of her singing.
she added petulantly, jerking her head away from my hands, 'you've combed my hair quite out of curl
But she proceeded to punish him roundly, until he gave over all attempts at placation, and whirled in a circle, his head away from her, his shoulders receiving the punishment of her teeth.
She started when I came up with her, and turned her head away from me.
As for you, coxswain, these are your orders; attend to them, for the ship is in your hands; turn her head away from these steaming rapids and hug the rock, or she will give you the slip and be over yonder before you know where you are, and you will be the death of us.
Fyne heard all this without turning her head away from the window.
A puff, then a calm, and in a mo- ment, you'll see, she'll be swinging on her heel with her head away from her course to the devil some- where.
Capturing past: We often talk about "it was better in the 'old days'" and maybe it was, but if you look around and lift your head away from your smart phones you will see that nothing has changed, only we have.
Cardiff had menace of their own and Knight stretched his considerable frame to head away from Noone.
Phil Jagielka almost made the game safe for Everton with a well-directed header but Salcido did brilliantly to head away from just inside the goalpost.
The 39-year-old Dutchman and his team-mates survived a burst sewage pipe in the their dressing room and a first-half onslaught on the pitch to head away from the Stadium of Light with a draw, their fourth in succession away from home in the Barclays Premier League Van der Sar said: "We were happy to go in at half-time with a 0-0.
I was walking and passing people but was turning my head away from them.
He was going to get Tyler to not only turn his head away from food but was going to put food in front of him which he would leave.
It's to keep a pedestrian's head away from the unyielding engine in an accident.