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at hazard

At risk. Once one student got the flu, I knew that everyone in his class was at hazard for illness.
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at hazard

in danger; at risk. He is not willing to have much of his money at hazard in the stock market. Your life is at hazard unless you wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle.
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hazard an opinion

Fig. to give an opinion. Anne asked the attorney to hazard an opinion about the strength of her lawsuit. Don't feel like you have to hazard an opinion on something you know nothing about.
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take a guess

 and hazard a guess; make a guess
to guess. Even if you don't know, please take a guess. If you don't know the answer, hazard a guess.
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References in classic literature ?
I demanded a quarter of an hour to think, before I again hazarded a reply.
It happened on one occasion, when he was doing me the honour of talking to me in the playground, that I hazarded the observation that something or somebody - I forget what now - was like something or somebody in Peregrine Pickle.
If they had asked me any more questions I should undoubtedly have betrayed myself, for I was even then on the point of mentioning that there was a balloon in the yard, and should have hazarded the statement but for my invention being divided between that phenomenon and a bear in the brewery.
The life and honour of Bois-Guilbert must not be hazarded, where contempt and reproaches are his only reward.
The citizens of the States interested would clamour; foreign powers would urge for the satisfaction of their just demands, and the peace of the States would be hazarded to the double contingency of external invasion and internal contention.
And being at once exempt from the restraint of an individual responsibility for the acts of the body, and deriving confidence from mutual example and joint influence, unauthorized measures would, of course, be more freely hazarded, than where the executive department is administered by a single hand, or by a few hands.