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hawks and doves

Respectively, those who favor or support aggressive military action, especially regarding foreign policy, versus those who are inclined to more peaceful, diplomatic solutions. After the terrorist attacks, the hawks in Congress demanded a unilateral attack on the foreign nation, while the doves among them maintained that diplomatic sanctions would be effective for the time being.
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between hawk and buzzard

Caught between two extremes or two factions. The settlers on the border of the two warring states found themselves caught between hawk and buzzard.
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know a hawk from a handsaw

To be able to tell two things apart. The phrase comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Of course I know which twin is which, I know a hawk from a handsaw, after all!
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have eyes like a hawk

To be very observant. Mom has eyes like a hawk, so she'll definitely notice if you sneak some of those cookies out of the kitchen.
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watch someone or something like a hawk

Fig. to watch someone or something very carefully. The teacher watched the pupils like a hawk to make sure they did not cheat on the exam. We had to watch our dog like a hawk in case he ran away.
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watch like a hawk

Observe very closely, as in I was watching him like a hawk, but I never did see him take your wallet. This simile alludes to the hawk's exceptionally keen sight.
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watch someone like a hawk

If you watch someone like a hawk, you pay close attention to everything they do, usually to make sure that they do not do anything wrong. Some guys just sit there and watch her like a hawk, dead sure she's trying to cheat. If we hadn't watched him like a hawk, he would have gone back to London. Note: Hawks have very good eyesight, and are able to see small animals or objects from a great height.
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1. n. someone who supports a warlike U.S. defense policy. (Compare this with dove.) The hawks want to raise taxes and buy tanks.
2. in. to cough mightily; to cough something up. The cold has had me hawking for a week.
3. and the hawk n. the cold winter wind. (see also Mr. Hawkins.) Man, just feel the hawk cut through you!

the hawk

See hawk
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