have (something) coming

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had it coming

Deserved it, often due to one's poor or foolish behavior. The phrase is used when one is unsympathetic to someone who has suffered a hardship. I'm not surprised to hear that Amy broke up with Jack—he was always so rude to her that he definitely he had it coming.
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have (something) coming

To deserve a particular consequence or benefit. A: "Why did you fight with that kid in the school yard?" B: "Because he's a bully to everyone else! He had it coming." You had this raise coming for a long time, with all the work you've done for our department.
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have something coming (to one)

to deserve punishment (for something). Bill broke a window, so he has a spanking coming to him. That's it, Bill. Now you've got it coming!
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have it coming

Deserve what one receives, as in You may not like being reprimanded, but you have to admit you had it coming, or When he won the Nobel Prize, everyone said he'd had it coming for a long time. [c. 1900]
See also: coming, have

have (something) coming

To deserve what one receives: You had that reprimand coming for a very long time.
See also: coming, have
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7m move to Old Trafford in June, having coming close to joining the club five months previously, after winning three titles with Benfica.
They had originally intended previous show The Last Tango to be their farewell tour but having coming up with new routines and choreography and being overwhelmed with support from audiences, they couldn't help returning with Tango Moderno, which fuses Ballroom, Latin, and Argentine tango.
We came off the better in the kicking duel having coming off comfortably second best there last week.
Nigeria were the first African side to reach next year's finals and Everton 20-year-old Henry Onyekuru, currently on loan at Anderlecht, will be hoping to force his way into the Super Eagles squad having coming off the bench for their 1-1 draw in Algeria earlier this month to earn his second cap.
Having coming into the tournament amid concerns about a right hip problem, Murray has limped through the week and admitted he struggled with his movement against Fognini.
But having coming off the back of a win in 2015, I suppose it's very much in your mind what you did after '11, what you did after '13.
And while the Kiwi is not a bad chap to having coming into the team, Chopra's dilemma, his side having started the group strongly with five wins from seven games, is who to leave out.
Gold has a good idea of what to expect when he makes the trip along the A1 with Berwick on March 8, having coming through the ranks with half of the Hibs team.
Having coming under intense pressure from both companies and lobbyists, the FAA permitted BP, the oil giant and their associated companies to fly drones to survey oil fields in Alaska at the beginning of this year.
Pivac has brought in utility back Hadleigh Parkes from his native New Zealand, the 27-year-old having coming from the Auckland provincial team that reached the semi-finals of this year's ITM Cup.
Drogba, the former Chelsea striker continuing to be troubled by a thigh problem, had not been called on until shortly before Colombia's goal, replacing Swansea forward Wilfried Bony, with Salomon Kalou also having coming on for the closing stages.
Durham have five so far, having coming into the match with a 14.
Having coming so close to the precipice of relegation last season, the club screamed for a summer of stability without the threat of internal capitulation it has so often been susceptible to during Mike Ashley's reign.
98, having coming in to the event off the back of an illness, with Javier Culson cruising to victory in 47.