haven't lived

you haven't lived

if you tell someone they haven't lived if they have not experienced something, you mean that this experience is very pleasant or exciting and they should try it You've never been to a Turkish bath? Oh, you haven't lived!
See also: live
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GPs give medical advice but they haven't got the condition and haven't lived with it.
It's crazy because I haven't lived here for six years.
I haven't lived in the United States since I was five years old.
Really, you haven't lived until you've watched the Grand National with Sandy and Sandra.
I was the one who came runnin' when you were lonely/I haven't lived one day not lovin' you only/But kisses and love won't carry me til you marry me Bill.
You haven't lived until you've bounced on a Garibaldi biscuit bridge, and each level is so full of funny little details that you could just stop playing and stare every step of the way.
It has been said that you haven't lived if you haven't seen one of the great comedians in action.
But the season we've had, with all the things that have gone on and the position we found ourselves towards the back of the season, we haven't lived up to our standards.
We were among the favourites for the promotion play-off places but we haven't lived up to that.
I haven't lived under a rock for the past year," (http://www.
I haven't lived in London for 10-to-15 years now and it's got a lot busier since I was riding a bike as a kid round here, and I got knocked off several times.
The passive income exemption of Law 22 of 2012 seeks to attract high-net-worth individuals by eliminating all taxes on passive income they receive when they decide to relocate to the island, if they haven't lived here for the past 15 years.
I haven't lived with my brother since I was very young.
Those trays had a Teflon[R] coating added for extra protection, but they haven't lived up to expectations.
We should start by withdrawing from the European Union; burning the Human Rights Act, halting immigration and then reversing it, ending all overseas aid, and withdrawing all rights to people not actually born in this country, or who haven't lived here for a minimum of 10 years.