have time

have (the) time

to have a period long enough to do something I don't have time to keep calling him several times a day. I'll take care of that as soon as I have the time.
See also: have, time
References in classic literature ?
She started early to her first lesson that she might have time to buy the tickets, hoping, as she put a five-dollar bill into her purse, that they would n't be very high, for she felt that she was not in a mood to resist temptation.
Do you mean that the fellow may have time to summon me for assault?
The service has moved on and those who have opted for an undisturbed break can have time to sit and digest their meal properly.
I AM not totally against the idea of parents asking head teachers for permission to allow their children to have time off for a holiday during term time.
They are in a structured and supportive environment in which they have time to listen, talk, relax, and reflect.
This also reflects the national poll and highlights that the few hours before we go to bed, when the kids are already asleep, are crucial for people to have time to themselves when they can truly wind down from the day's events.