have the foggiest

not have the foggiest (idea/notion)

to not know the answer to a question 'Do you know where Kate's gone?' 'I haven't the foggiest.' (often + question word) The photocopier's broken down again, and nobody has the foggiest idea how to fix it.
See also: foggy, have
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When they're not getting a 10% pay rise it appears some of our elected elite don't have the foggiest about what goes on in the real world.
LADY GAGA'S GUY VIDEO DOES anyone have the foggiest idea what is going on in it?
I don't have the foggiest who'll emerge triumphant and who'll get the bum's rush at Rangers' agm on Thursday.
ALAN ARCHIBALD doesn't have the foggiest idea why Partick are massive favourites to thump Cowdenbeath in the League Cup tonight.
But they should not feel bad about the incident, the minister also did not have the foggiest of what he was reciting.
It is entirely possible that he made yesterday's statement in order to calm things down, after Wednesday's farcical meeting with the party leaders, at which he confirmed everyone's fears that he did not have the foggiest idea what to do about the mounting problems facing the economy.
While pets might not be able to speak or have the foggiest what's being said to them, they are looked upon as faithful companions whose loyalty and affection is unwavering," Janet Connor, Managing Director for More Than, said.
But strip away all the exclamations, adjective-laden descriptions and the beautiful kitchen full of professional-looking utensils about which we wouldn''t have the foggiest, and there''s no denying that the woman serves up a cracking meal that we can easily replicate at home in no time at all -and that''s why we love her.
Did he have the foggiest idea about how popular Facebook would eventually be?
You didn't have the foggiest idea where the bird(s) would be coming from, at what height, at what angle, at what speed or maybe it wouldn't be in the air at all but be out there bouncing along the bunny trail.
BURNLEY'S brilliance pierced the Turf Moor gloom on a day when Derby didn't have the foggiest.
When I started the course I didn't have the foggiest idea about computers and now I wouldn't be without one.
Does the CC have the foggiest idea what it is doing?
DAVID Beckham may be the most famous sportsman in Britain - but many Americans don't have the foggiest who the former England captain is.
My mom is English, we were in England on vacation that summer, and the World Cup became the first sporting event of which I have the foggiest memory.