have something on

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have (something) on

To be busy or engaged with something; to have plans to do something at a particular point in time. Bob: "Do you want to come around on Sunday to watch the big game?" Janet: "Sorry, Bob, I've got something on that evening." I've got a few things on at the moment, but business has been pretty slow overall.
See also: have, on

have (something) on (someone)

1. To have incriminating or unfavorable proof against someone, as for some crime, wrongdoing, or misbehavior. Go to the police, for all I care! You don't have anything on me! If we want to nail him for fraud, we'll need to have more on him than a few questionable phone calls.
2. To have a particular advantage over someone. You may think you can beat me, but I've got 10 years' experience on you.
See also: have, on

have something on

see under have nothing on.
See also: have, on, something
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