have (something) going for (one)

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have (something) going for (one)

To have something that is favorable, beneficial, or advantageous to one. Well, I gained a lot of experience in IT from my last job, so at least I have that going for me. I know the job market is pretty treacherous at the moment, but I have a few things going for me that should help me find the right career.
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have going for one

Have in one's favor or of benefit to one. For example, They have enough going for them that their new store should be a success, or Mary is very talented; she has a lot going for her. [Mid-1900s] Also see have a good thing going.
See also: going, have, one

have — going for you

have a specified factor or factors in your favour. informal
1997 Marian Keyes Rachel's Holiday All we really had going for us was our hair; mine was long and dark and hers was long and blonde.
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have a lot, something, nothing, etc. ˈgoing for you

have many, some, no, etc. achievements, skills, advantages, etc: As the very intelligent daughter of rich parents, she’s got a lot going for her.No job, no qualifications, nowhere to live. He doesn’t have much going for him, does he?
See also: going, have
References in classic literature ?
I don't remember whether I was frightened or pleased.
I don't remember it, because ever since I could remember anything we've lived right here in this lonesome, round house, with a little garden back of it and the thick woods all around.
Jones had not been long gone, before Lady Bellaston cryed, "Upon my word, a good pretty young fellow; I wonder who he is; for I don't remember ever to have seen his face before.
I've read that in some book, but I don't remember where.
Very well, I took an American young lady to one of the fine balls in Baden-Baden, one night, and at the entrance-door upstairs we were halted by an official--something about Miss Jones's dress was not according to rule; I don't remember what it was, now; something was wanting--her back hair, or a shawl, or a fan, or a shovel, or something.
You may be a friend of the family, though I don't remember your face," said Miss Garth.
Senor," said Sancho, "I see well enough that all these things your worship has said to me are good, holy, and profitable; but what use will they be to me if I don't remember one of them?
No, my dear; I don't remember ever hearing of the house in Kent.
I killed one man, if I recollect rightly," replied D'Artagnan, with a look of inquiry directed to Athos; "another I disarmed or wounded, I don't remember which.
I don't remember who the abbot was, but I remember at one time everybody was talking about it," remarked the old dignitary.
I don't remember and anyway it makes no difference.
I don't remember what the occasion was, but it was something festive, a May Day or Quarter Day, or something of that sort, and they put a garland of flowers round the head of one of the cows.
I don't know what you've come here for, and I don't remember asking you to sit down and put your elbows on that table, but I want to begin by saying that I will not be called Pauline.
I don't remember the name--which of OUR editors is he?
To say the truth, I have slept so soundly,' said Lord George, rubbing his eyes and looking round the room, 'that I don't remember quite--what place is this?
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