have in sights

have (someone or something) in (one's) sights

1. Literally, to have the sights of one's gun aimed at someone or something. I had the rabbit in my sights, but I stepped on a branch and scared it away.
2. By extension, to intend to conquer someone or achieve something. He's had a phenomenal career for such a young boxer, and now he has the reigning champion in his sights. The business tycoon-turned-politician now has the presidency in his sights.
See also: have, sight

have someone or something in one's sights

1. Lit. to have one's gun aimed at someone or something. The sniper had the soldier in his sights. I had the deer in my sights. I fired.
2. Fig. to consider someone or something one's goal or conquest. I have a promotion in my sights and I hope to get it before the end of the year. I've had Sally in my sights for years. I intend to marry her.
See also: have, sight