have in sights

have someone or something in one's sights

1. Lit. to have one's gun aimed at someone or something. The sniper had the soldier in his sights. I had the deer in my sights. I fired.
2. Fig. to consider someone or something one's goal or conquest. I have a promotion in my sights and I hope to get it before the end of the year. I've had Sally in my sights for years. I intend to marry her.
See also: have, sight

have somebody in your sights

to intend to attack or defeat someone He's trying to build up his media empire and he has the owners of rival newspapers in his sights.
See also: have, sight

have something in your sights

to be trying to achieve something, especially when you are very likely to succeed After months of training, Hilary now has the gold medal firmly in her sights.
See lower sights, set sights on
See also: have, sight