have a head for

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have a head for (something)

1. To have the mental ability to do something well. I've always been good at math—I guess I just have a head for numbers.
2. To have the ability to withstand or endure something. I never had a head for flying before, but I'm getting used to it now that I have to travel so much for work.
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have a head for something

Fig. have the mental capacity for something. Jane has a good head for directions and never gets lost. Bill doesn't have a head for figures and should never become an accountant.
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have a head for

Also, have a good or strong head for .
1. Be able to tolerate, as in Nell has no head for liquor, or Luckily I have a good head for heights. [Early 1800s]
2. Have a mental aptitude for, as in She has a good head for figures and straightened out the statistics in no time. [Early 1900s]
See also: have, head
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If we see that a pitcher has thrown 80 or more pitches by the fifth inning, we know that we have a good shot at knocking him out of the game.
Vladimir Guerrero, who didn't have a good at-bat all night, swung at Haren's second pitch of the inning and grounded out easily to shortstop.
And the way we're going to erase that is we're going to have a good year this year and there will be a new level of nostalgia.